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Jennette McCurdy’s mother has passed away

On September 20th, 2013 TMZ has reported that Debra McCurdy has passed away early Friday morning. Understandably Jennette will also not be making an appearance at

Jennette McCurdy hosted a personal online chat for contest winner

Jennette McCurdy hosted a contest earlier asking fans to tweet why they’re excited for Sam and Cat. Whoever received the most RTs would win a one-on-one Skype dinner

Jennette McCurdy attends a local Christmas show with family

After visiting Disneyland for the past two days, Jennette McCurdy spent some holiday time with her family to watch “The Magic of Christmas” at La Miranda.

Debra McCurdy celebrates her 55th birthday

On July 17th, 2012, Jennette McCurdy spent the day with family to celebrate her mother’s 55th birthday at Disneyland and California Adventure Park (which was celebrating its 57th

Jennette McCurdy spends time with family at Disneyland

After a busy day of a photoshoot session, Jennette McCurdy took some time off to hang out with her family at Disneyland. Jennette tweeted the following photo of her mother,