Help Out Jennette

Jennette McCurdy has been an inspiration to so many people with her loving personality and her natural gift of acting and singing. Below are a list of easy ways you can help her out! Since the list is always updated, so be sure to bookmark and check back for more ways to help Jennette McCurdy.

  1. Buy your copy of Jennette’s new album from Amazon or iTunes and share the links with your friends and family
  2. Watch and comment on her music video Generation Love on both and on her VEVO Youtube page
  3. Randomly pick someone on twitter (maybe that says they love country music) and tweet something of Jennette’s, like a link to her Generation Love music video or THIS cool introduction video (from

  4. Tell you friends to follow @jennettemccurdy on twitter or like her on her facebook page
  5. Make a tumblr account and post pictures, videos, and articles about Jennette. Make sure you add “Jennette McCurdy” as a tag when you post so other Jennette fans will like and reblog your posts.
  6. Pray for Debra McCurdy. Sign the twitition!
  7. Join the facebook group Prayer for Jennette McCurdy & Family