30 Day Challenge

Now you can show everyone your favorite picture, tweet, quote, videos, etc about Jennette McCurdy. If you accept the challenge you must tweet or post the requirement that follows each day. It’s a fun and exciting challenge! Go ahead and give it a go. Post your challenge results in the comments section!

Day 01 – Favorite picture of Jennette

Day 02 – Favorite outfit Jennette has worn

Day 03 – Favorite Jennette quote (could be of her character Sam)

Day 04 – Favorite Jennette gif

Day 05 – Favorite twitpic/yfrog Jennette has posted

Day 06 – Favorite Jennette red carpet look

Day 07 – Favorite photoshoot of Jennette

Day 08 – Favorite Jennette YouTube video

Day 09 – Favorite Sam Puckett scene in iCarly

Day 10 – Favorite episode of iCarly

Day 11 – Favorite Jennette tweet

Day 12 – Favorite Jennette picture with friends

Day 13 – Favorite Jennette picture with another celebrity

Day 14 – Favorite live chat Jennette has done

Day 15 – Favorite song Jennette has sung (original or cover)

Day 16 – Favorite outfit Sam wore on iCarly

Day 17 – Favorite Jennette-related tumblr page

Day 18 – Favorite Jennette interview

Day 19 – Favorite picture of Jennette and Miranda Cosgrove

Day 20 – Favorite picture of Jennette and Nathan Kress

Day 21 – Favorite picture of Jennette and Ariana Grande

Day 22 – Favorite picture of Jennette with any Victorious cast member

Day 23 – Favorite picture of Jennette with a family member

Day 24 – Did you see any episodes of shows that Jennette guest-starred on before iCarly?

Day 25 – When did you become a fan of Jennette?

Day 26 – Do you prefer Jennette with straight or curly hair?

Day 27 – 5 Things you like about Jennette

Day 28 – When Jennette puts out an album, will you buy it?

Day 29 – Is Sam your favorite character on iCarly?

Day 30 – Favorite Jennette related video on iCarly.com