Jennette McCurdy shares her thoughts about resolutions

Posted on January 2, 2017


Jennette McCurdy posted a note via her Facebook page describing her experience with making New Years resolutions. She mentions the best way to approach creating a resolution is by reflecting on the highlights on the previous year. Below is her first note of 2017:

2017 is here!
Ever since I was a little bean/child, I loved this time of the year. A fresh start was never an elusive concept to me. It was something tangible and inspiring – a clear and helpful benchmark of life. An opportunity to reflect on the past and imagine the possibilities of the future.
Kid-me loved making resolutions that were near impossible to achieve. I’d set my sights high, often on goals or dreams that I couldn’t control, and shortly into the year I would fall short and feel disappointed in myself. I’d get self-critical and upset. ‘What’s the matter with me?!’ I’d think. ‘How could I fail at a goal of pogo-sticking 500 times without falling??? (note: this was not a real goal although I kind of wish it was hahah). It got to the point where I would feel nervous making my new year’s resolutions because, before even writing the resolutions down, a part of me doubted that I could make them happen. Yikes. If this is anything like you, please read on, as I think I’ve got something that may help you out.
The past few years, I’ve tried a new tactic. I’ve used the new year as a time to express gratitude for all the great things in my life. Starting from a place of appreciation lends a comforting feeling of peace, and then from there, it’s much easier for me to mentally clarify my authentic personal goals and dreams in an articulated way that gives me a feeling of excitement and not a feeling of defeat. The way I’ve started my new year recently versus all the years beforehand is a night and day difference.
Here’s how you do it:
Think about your past year, month by month, and write a few general memories that come to mind for each month. Write down things that pushed you, that you learned from, that tested you, that excited you, that made you laugh, etc. All positive stuff!
Now pick out your 3 top highlights of the year, the things that stand out the most to you. The things that informed your personal growth the most. My top highlights:
– throwing out my scale. Who needs a scale when you’re being healthy!
– meeting my niece Claire.
– writing, executive producing, and directing a project very close to my heart. This was the greatest experience of my professional career, and something I learned so much from.
Now sit and be thankful. For a minimum of 10 minutes. Just let that feeling envelop you. It’s so nice!
Now think about your new year and all the positive things you want from it. The things you want to feel, the people you want to spend time with, the memories you want to make, the quality you want to experience. Get as creative as you want with this. Don’t limit yourself! An important note that helps me with this is to set your sights on things that bring you a feeling of excitement versus a feeling of stress. If writing down a resolution is making you stressed and not excited, it’s probably not worth your time.
I hope you’re happy this year!
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