Jennette McCurdy hosts a Q&A on Instagram

Posted on March 24, 2016


Jennette McCurdy answered fan questions after achieving over 5.1 million followers on Instagram

On March 21st, 2016, Jennette McCurdy posted the following photo after waking up to a pleasant surprise of over 5.1 million followers on her Instagram account.


She has been hosting a Q&A via Twitter and decided to do a spontaneous one on Instagram this time.

The following are some of the responses she gave to questions that were asked in the comments section. The image itself now have over 100k likes and is growing daily.

Q: favorite food?
A: pizza, pasta, salmon, sushi, ice cream

Q: Do you still talk to the cast members of iCarly?
A: all of them, yes!

Q: How can you describe Wiley in one word?
A: growing

Q: When are you coming to the Cayman islands?
A: I’ve been once before! Had so much fun

Q: will you work on music ever again? Your voice is awesome!!
A: maybe I’ll do a music project or something but likely not music on its own. I’m focusing on acting/writing/producing!

Q: Would u ever do a future more mature icarly reunion like maybe a Netflix series or movie like fuller house did?
A: yeah that would be so fun

Q: Even with your “wild hair” your bangs still look great. How do you style them. #qanda
A: thankssss, I usually just blow dry them, sometimes use a mini straightener as well

Q: On your snapchat, your roomshoes’ design was “Pinokio” I think. Do you like “Super Mario Brothers”???
A: love Mario!

Q: You look beautiful as always what is your favorite healthy food??
A: thank you! I like avocados, brown rice, berries, apples, turkey+cheese as a snack, oatmeal, and whole grain bread!

Be sure to follow Jennette on social media so that you have the ability to ask her questions. Even though she has a busy schedule, she takes the time to make sure fan voices are heard.

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