Jennette McCurdy hosts a Q&A to answer fan questions on Twitter

Posted on March 22, 2016


On March 20, 2016, Jennette McCurdy tweeted to her fans wishing them a happy first day of Spring, then followed with a quick Q&A

i’ll be doing a q&a starting now for about a half hour. let’s talk :)

Below are the answers she gave to the following fan questions:

Q: when is going to be the premiere of between season two?
A: i believe this summer!

Q: how do you get an autograph photo of you?
A: to be honest i don’t even own a hardcopy headshot of myself, so i wouldn’t know lol

Q: yay what’s your opinion on colors like pink in hair just streaks?
A: i love colored hair.

Q: what’s your favorite dessert?
A: ice cream or anything with cinnamon (cinnamon roll, churro, etc)

Q: how much do you love your fans?
A: so much. i’m humbled by those who graciously support me. i’m motivated by the positivity and love

Q: pizza or pasta
A: or both?

Q: Would you ever appear in an improvised comedy like Christopher Guest directs?
A: i’d love to do that

Q: did u watched Crowded?
A: i don’t have cable up here in toronto but i saw a taping in person!!

Q: You communicate well with Ariana?
A: yes, we grew up together in so many ways. i root her on always

Q: Can I borrow your grandma when I need one?
A: hahah sure where shall i fedex her?

Q: what’s your favorite kind of tea?
A: right now, green, but my tea mood is always changing ;)

Q: What are your goals for this year?
A: that’s a great question! at the start of each month, i list my priorities and goals to chart how i’m doing. what are yours?

Q: was the second season of between fun to film?!
A: very fun + emotionally exhausting. i’ve basically been coloring and reverting to a childlike state this past week lol

Q: fav song of 2016 so far?
A: prob hideaway by daya? or i took a pill

Q: have you listened to Boombox by @lauramarano ???
A: no but i love laura and now imma have to

Q: Describe Nathan kress in one word?
A: wonderful

Q: are you proud of @mirandacosgrove
A: so so so proud

Q: What can you tell us about the PET film?
A: it just premiered at SXSW film festival! very proud of the cast and crew

Q: i’m supporting you since 2011 and you never tweet me
A: ah! thanks!!! it’s not intentional. I find I respond to the people who are most active because they hit me up the most lol

Q: are you team iron man or team captain america?
A: …team star wars…

Q: Besides yourself, who would you cast as you, if they made a movie of your life?
A: someone who really embodies my essence, like samuel L jackson

Q: do you like Selena Gomez??
A: i love selena. music, personality, acting, all.

Q: hey today’s happiness day! what makes you happy?
A: what a sweet question! lately? pixar movies, Fred, journaling, Jess, watercolor painting, cooking, and emailing friends. You?

Q: What’s your Hogwarts house???
A: well depends on the day but either ravenclaw or gryffindor

Q: last movie you have watched?
A: ratatouille

Q: Please. I miss a Minnette selfie. Can you make it happen asap?
A: we’re in different countries so not right now! but soon!!

Q: do you have any new/future projects you’re excited about?
A: i’m excited about this project called Little Bitches!! met great people, loved the script, etc

Q: I just recently found out you’re a Star Wars fan and that made me so happy! Did you grow up watching them?
A: yes i did! assuming you’re a fan as well?

Q: please just say you’re so excited to “Finding Dory” as I
A: definitely just as excited as you. i love pixar everything

Q: have you watched Zootopia?
A: yeah it was so good!

Q: last song of your playlist
A: randomly, last song i played was rhapsody in blue. sometimes i like to feel classy when i get ready in the mornings

Q: What’s your favorite meal to cook?
A: i’m cooking honey garlic chicken for dinner tonight! a new recipe, wish me luck…

Q: you love your fans?
A: so much

Q: I need your help, should I make spaghetti or elbow macaroni? I trust your pasta judgment
A: the clear front runner is elbow macaroni

alright guys, thanks for the fun! i’m gonna go watch john lasseter videos on youtube.


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