Jennette McCurdy returns to Twitter with a Q&A

Posted on February 17, 2016


Before a day of filming the second season of Between in Canada, Jennette went back to her Twitter account and posted the following:

soooo i know i haven’t been on twitter in a while…..

hows abouts a quick little q and a before i get my day started

Below are the questions that Jennette picked to answer:

Q: why is your booty so nice? #morningquestions
Jennette: squats

Q: How was it to film again with the @betweenseries cast again?
Jennette: it’s great to see everyone plus i love our new castmates steven and mercedes

Q: favourite food?
Jennette: i love healthy foods but i’m also a big fan of pizza, pasta, and chips.

Q: leggings and a hoodie or a dress and heels?
Jennette: lately dress and heels! i’ve felt so girly the past few weeks

Q: fav book series?
Jennette: harry potter

Q: what was the last song you listened to
Jennette: chainsmokers feat daya

Q: how are you and Jesse?
Jennette: so good. he made the sweetest plans for valentines day! <3

Q: have you hung out with Miranda recently?
Jennette: no because i’ve been in toronto but i can’t wait to hang out w her when i get back. it’ll be the first thing i do

Q: did you like play the role of Annie in #LittleBitches?
Jennette: love more than i can explain

Q: what’s your favorite hunter Hayes song?
Jennette: omg! i was just listening to him yesterday on a train ride. nothing like starting over, somebody’s heartbreak, tattoo, ALL

Q: Are you going to SXSW?! The Pet trailer is awesome
Jennette: glad you like the trailer!! i don’t know cuz i might be still working here in torontooooo

Q: why did you leave Twitter for awhile?
Jennette: i just wasn’t feeling it – i was super into instagram and snap, but i had the urge today to tweet, so here i am lol

Q: favorite season of the year?
Jennette: winter. you?

Q: is there a plan for you to act in a movie soon?
Jennette: i have two movies, Little Bitches and Pet, coming soon! keep an eye out

Q: should we expect to see more of you on Twitter or nah
Jennette: we’ll see ;)

Q: Please send me a heart?
Jennette: of course <3

Q: normal tea or ice tea?
Jennette: hot tea! w almond milk or honey mmmm wait a sec now i have to go make myself some

Q: what’s you’re favorite fruit?
Jennette: apples, mangoooo

Q: what’s your fav scent?
Jennette: anything vanilla, you know this sister!!

Q: night or day?
Jennette: depends on what i’m doin

Q: What’s your favourite ice cream flavour and topping?
Jennette: i mean i think we can all peacefully agree cookies and cream is hands down the best

Q: what’s your fave kind of bean?! (weird q ik)

Q: will you ever visit Mexico?
Jennette: i was there for my last birthday!! i went to xcaret

Q: you tweeted since you do not know which one @FifthHarmony is his crush. And now you know?
Jennette: still don’t know who my fave is. literally just a huge fan of their band + what they stand for. they’re all beautiful

Q: I know you like Harry Potter, but are you excited for Fantastic Beasts and where to find them?
Jennette: of course! anything JK always excited to see adapted

Q: since u are doing rare things (like posting on twitter), u could continue making them and post a new cover on youtube?
Jennette: haha we’ll see! if i like a song enough, maybe.

Q: did u watch Pet with the cast as soon as the movie was finished?
Jennette: i haven’t seen Pet yet! just recently did some ADR on it to tie up the loose ends. hopefully i’ll see it soon

Jennette: here i’ll help you let me *josh groban voice* RAISE YOU UPPPP

Jennette: my favorite people

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  1. Jeanette is a very beautiful and Grate Actor