Jennette McCurdy returns with a new Tumblr blog

Posted on February 1, 2016


Jennette McCurdy shared a photo via her Snapchat on January 30th, 2016, which she shows her new blog on Tumblr. Although it was “untitled” at the time, she now has it set as “just a thought”.

Her first post, titled self-love, she encourages her fans to be proud of who they are. With the flood of negativity and self-deprecation it’s important to love yourself. She says that it’ll benefit more over time and don’t let anyone discourage you from doing it.

Hi! If any of you follow me on instagram (@jennettemccurdy, proud plug) you’ll know that I’ve been on quite the self-love kick lately. It’s true. I don’t hate myself, as crazy as that sounds.

And that’s just the thing of it… why does it seem crazy or hokey to express self-love? Why do we sometimes view it as false or put-on? Well, I think because we aren’t loving ourselves. Any time in the past when I’ve snickered or laughed off someone’s seemingly grandiose view of themselves (it’s happened more than a few times), it is only because I myself felt small.

Nowadays, I really do sense more positivity and uplifting messages in the world, but yet there is still this wide net popular idea of glorified self-deprecation, used to make the deprecator seem cool/self-aware/in touch/humble. I’ve come to believe that this just isn’t true. Putting yourself down or acting like you’re not that great is just not that great. You are depriving yourself of the love you most deserve – your own.

In the past, I have been quick to brush off a compliment or attribute a success to some chance luck. I could easily poke fun at myself or apologize for no real reason. I was the mistress of self-deprecation. Even many of my tweets and vines came from a place of a lighthearted discontent with myself. Sometimes I feared losing that self-disrespect because honestly, I felt I would lose my sense of humor, and that is something I really appreciate in myself. (In case you didn’t know, I am hilarious.)

Well I’m here to assure you, whatever you may be worried about losing if you ditch your self-deprecation, whether it be humor, kindness, humility, friendliness, etc. YOU WILL NOT. You could never lose that beautiful part of yourself by losing the ugly part that is self-deprecation. In fact, whatever you’re worried about losing will shine that much brighter when you lose the self-effacing because it will have the room to grow and come from a more mature, seasoned place. Your kindness will be deeper, your humor will be richer, your friendliness will be purer, and you will absolutely feel a difference.

With time, perspective, and lots of looking inside, I am proud and happy with how much I’ve grown and who I’ve become. I enjoy my company, smile for no reason, and am able to accept love from others in a purer way because their love is simply additional to that which I feel for myself.

Now before I get too far ahead of myself, let me explain. I think that in NO WAY should bragging/conceit/arrogance be mistaken for self-love. That is the opposite. The only reason people feel a need to be over the top with any of those qualities is because they are deeply deprived of their own nurturing, or so I believe.

From my heart I just hope these words are encouraging to you. I hope you find them empowering and take a few minutes to think about how you behave and why you behave that way. Don’t do anything for the approval or acceptance of others. Accept yourself and watch your world shine. I ain’t kiddin’.


Visit her new tumblr site for more of her inspirational posts:

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  1. Roy Jude Wendt says:

    So very encouraging so empowering so honestly and beautifully written. Thank you so much for the positive uplifting message. I out go girl your a true blessing the world needs more people like you. 👍😀💞🌈