Jennette McCurdy answers questions from fans

Posted on October 1, 2015


During her vacation stay, Jennette McCurdy decided to host a spontaneous Q&A with her fans via Twitter. During the 40 minute session, she answered the following questions:

Q: do u like mexican tacos?
A: aren’t all tacos mexican?

Q: Would you ever visit Melbourne?
A: yes! Love Australian fans

Q: How are you doing?
A: so good :)

Q: favorite character from the hunger games
A: um duh kat iss

Q: do I need experience to become an actor?
A: yeah I would try acting classes, local theatre, get a good taste of it before you try It professionally

Q: What is your current favorite album to listen/jam to? Miss you!!!!
A: I’m loving kacey musgraves pageant material

Q: What’s up girl?
A: oh you know you know

Q: is between going to have a second season?
A: yes!!! So excited love the between fam @Netflix @City_tv @betweenseries

Q: have you ever been to Scotland?
A: no always wanted to go. Are you Scottish?

Q: How have you been recently?
A: I’ve been great thanks angel! 2015 has been an amazing year

Q: who is your favorite character in got
A: calisi

Q: do you like Japan??
A: YESSS my brother speaks japanese! I have always wanted to visit Tokyo

Q: favorite band?
A: queeeen

Q: are you excited for season two of between?!!!
A: so exciteddddd

Q: will u ever come to sicily ?
A: would love to!

Q: 3 words about yourself
A: I am perfect lol jk

Q: London or New York ?
A: both are such great cities.

Q: do u love brazilian fans?
A: uuuuuuv course

Q: would you survive in the hunger games?
A: hell yeah I’m tough as nails

Q: thoughts on jennifer lawrence?
A: obsessed

Q: Are you excited about the year 2016 and also, what exciting things awaits you?
A: yes!! 2016 is super exciting. 2015 is Amazing so far as well

Q: when is the panel?
A: I need to check my calendar lol

Q: what’s your favorite sport?
A: figure skating

Q: Favorite movie(s)?
A: back to the future hbu?

Q: when have you been most proud of your acting ability
A: maybe when I leave auditions and feel like I did everything I could in that moment // same for shooting

Q: do you have a favorite place to live?
A: I’ve only ever lived in California !

Q: are you getting a costume for halloween?
A: yeah what do you think i should be?

Q: whats your favourite place in the world?
A: nyc / disneyworld / italy / toronto / Gahh so many

Q: come to my house?
A: that is… Slightly creepy lol

Q: forgive and forget?

Q: water you doing I’m trying to sleep
A: nooo don’t sleep who needs sleeppppp

Q: do u have somethin u really wanna eat right now?
A: I want to eat everything always

Q: Have you ever visited Korea? I`m your Korean fan!!
A: love to Korea!! You guys are hot!

Q: favorite ice cream?
A: Oreo

Q: Do you love me?
A: of course

Q: are you that funny also in reality?
A: I am fucking hilarious

Q: do u like Fifth harmony?
A: I have a crush on all of them mushed together they are perfect

Q: what languages would you like to speak
A: italian or french or japanese

Q: Thing you’re most excited for right now?? At this very moment? #itshouldbepizza
A: #itsalwayspizza

Q: If you had to lose your pillow OR your phone for a week which would you choose?
A: pillow

Q: when will there be new episodes of Between? also, your acting is superb on the show!
A: thank you so much!! We go back to shoot season 2 soon! Glad you love it

Q: i’m late for school can you wish my good morning please
A: happy schooling! remember: test scores define your intelligence so don’t mess up!!

Q: why did you decide to start using snapchat? Add me, my username is borregro
A: I didn’t “get it” so I was determined to “get it”

Q: Batman or superman?
A: batman superman is that unrealistic unattainable weirdo that makes you go

Q: do u like Japanese fans?
A: I LOVE YOI GUYS…. Say hi to Japan for me. I love love love you guys OWJSOAKSOALLSLSS

Q: do you love italy and italian people?
A: italian people are hilarious I love em

Q: If anyone knows me. You know @jennettemccurdy is bae forever haha
A: I love being called bae. It feels so permanent and everlasting and not at all temporary!!

Q: did you..uh. try the bidet?
A: EW no I’m a lady I never use the restroom ever

Q: have u ever been to germany if yes which city?
A: I haven’t but my oldest brother speaks German! I hear it’s great there!

Q: Peanut butter or Nutella?
A: peanut butter

Q: do you mind being called mom?? Lots of love from the UK
A: I’ll be mom to UK fans anyday of the week

Q: Netflix and chill?
A: only if we watch #betweenseries #plug

Q: have you listened to 5sos? They make great music
A: yeah they’re great

Q: do u like american horror story? what’s your favorite season?
A: never seen it but a lot of my friends watch it and say it’s fantastic

Q: How much did you enjoy being on @shanedawson podcast and would you go on there again #ShaneAndFriends
A: Shane is the best

Q: how did you get so beautiful?
A: I fell out of the sky this way

Q: I redid the look of … what do you think?
A: love the reddit community. You guys are always so supportive. Thanks so much

Q: song that you listen when you’re sad
A: someone left the cake out in the rain. While I listen i touch a window and look somber

Q: what’s something that is apart of your everyday routine?
A: floss. Always floss.

Q: what’s your favorite pizza topping?
A: I had caprese pizza last night it was ridiculous

Q: Rainy Saturday night, your friends bailed on you and your plans are ruined. What does Jennette McCurdy do?
A: MY FRIENDS WOULDNT BAIL ON ME BECAUSE I PICK GOOD FRIENDS (but if they did I would go to a movie)

Q: just so you know Jennette you look really hot and cute at the same time in your profile pic, it’s one of my fav pics of you
A: well thank you

Q: Slytherin or Griffindor
A: gryffindor!!!

Q: tell me you love me so I can rub it in people’s faces
A: I love you more than a fat kid loves cake

Q: do you love me? can you cheer me up? im so upset right noooooow
A: you can cheer yourself up you don’t need anyone else. Go for a jog, cook something, watch a show, be creative.

Q: what’s your favorite hobbie?
A: writing for sure

Q: any tips on something to watch on Netflix I need a new series to get into :)
A: watch #betweenseries

A: I love them both so much it’s not even funny

Q: it’s 5:38 here at brazil, i supposed to be sleeping, so tell me, there will be zombies on between??
A: watch and find outtttt

Q: you wanna go to Halloween horror nights?
A: I already went it’s so fun but smells like hole #fairwarning

Q: whats jesse carere like?
A: he is hot

thanks for the questions cute-o’s. signing off for now

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  1. Bobby Kiesel says:

    Wow, i got the right page, lol, so many fakes! Now? I just follow your real page, haha, did i ever tty via AskFM? N you are absolutely amazing, in every way, xoxo <3!

  2. Jennette I read comments to your fan and think you nice person.