Jennette McCurdy’s Netflix show Between renewed for Season 2

Posted on July 10, 2015


On July 8th, 2015, there was an announcement that Between was confirmed for a second season in 2016. No official date has been set beyond that.

Entertainment Weekly also posted the announcement and shared Jennette’s reaction:

I’m thrilled to be continuing on with a second season of Between. Working with Netflix, City, and the entire cast and crew has been such an enjoyable experience and I can’t wait for more

Jennette tweeted the news hosted a quick Q&A in celebration.

Q: do you watch any action movies?
Jennette: i love action/adventure. indy jones, jurassic world-anything that involves ppl running from some time of creature or boulder

Q: Did you have any trouble acting out scenes in Between?
Jennette: emotional scenes can be exhausting, naturally. #ithurtstofeelthings!

Q: wait when does season 2 come on netflix?!?
Jennette: 2016!!

Q: was it fun to film the episodes?
Jennette: i had a complete blast.

Q: what’s it like being so awesome?
Jennette: it has its ups and downs

Q: Will you ever come to England and meet me please because that is my dream!
Jennette: i wanna get out to england so bad!

Q: What do you enjoy most about your role in the show?
Jennette: the chance to do something dramatic again has been pretty fun. last time i did drama i was like 12


Q: On a scale from 1-10, how much do you like working on the #Between set?
Jennette: 6thousand

Q: Adam and Wiley would be good together… what do you think?
Jennette: i think so ;)

Q: where you are promote between next year?
Jennette: i don’t know!! but i had so much fun on the season 1 promo tour that i hope i get to go to even more cool places for 2!

Q: why is Wiley never happy :((( do u think she will ever be
Jennette: i think she is trying to figure out what makes her happy, but she’s not sure what that is yet…

Q: Do you want to watch Star Wars with me?
Jennette: all day errr day

Q: What will season 2 be like?
Jennette: i don’t know anything!! i’m excited to find out tho

Q: Is it bad that a part of me ships Wiley and Ronnie ?
Jennette: no. #beyou

Q: Are you looking forward to another season of working on a show with Jesse?
Jennette: yes! so forward to it

Q: do you have a favorite place that you never visit before? if you do, wich one?
Jennette: i wanna go to paris !

Q: In Season 2, does having a baby with his dad make Wiley Chuck’s stepmom?
Jennette: that would be bio-logical (i’m sorry, it’s early)

Q: what was it like to film the show? so happy it got season 2!!
Jennette: thanks, me too! it was chilly up in canada (we shot oct-dec) but very fun. i loved getting to know the city, cast, and crew

Q: did you pet that tiger?
Jennette: hellllzzzz no

Q: when are you going back to Canada to start shooting?
Jennette: hopefully soon :D

Q: Are you gonna come back in Canada soon? Maybe for #Between season 2?
Jennette: yeah i miss u guys!

Q: What’s your favorite place in Canada?
Jennette: distillery district, yorkville for sentimental reasons

Q: did you enjoy being around dead bodies lol
Jennette: omg it was lyke so funn

Q: do you like fifth harmony? if so what’s your favorite song and your favorite member
Jennette: worth it / sledgehammer / all members

Q: How was the transition from kids comedy (iCarly and Sam&Cat) to a mature show (Between)? BTW love all your shows
Jennette: thank you! it was surprisingly naturally. grow within yourself and others take notice. shocker, i know

Q: How are you going to celebrate Season two being commissioned?
Jennette: that’s a good idea, I didn’t even think about that! maybe i’ll go shopping and show you guys what i get!!

Q: did you like to celebrate your birthday in Mexico? How was it like?
Jennette: it was amazing. i love mexico, and i got to celebrate with most of my best friends!

The entire first season is available to stream and binge-watch on Netflix. Make sure to follow @BetweenSeries, @Netflix, and @City_TV for the latest updates on the series.

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