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Posted on July 6, 2015


Jennette McCurdy guest starred on the Eric Nagel and Just Jenny show on SiriusXM to promote her Netflix show, Between, which are currently available now to binge-watch. During the interviews Jennette McCurdy talked about her interest in acting, her trip to Disneyworld, overcoming the gossip and drama online, and difficult life situations during her career.

In the Eric Nagel show, Jennette mentioned that she wanted to start acting when she was 6 years old. It only took 8 months with help from her mother, Debra, to help get her career started. She shared insight on how to deal with transition from being a kid star to being an adult and what comes with the territory. Jennette felt that it was hard to grow up in that business and constantly be under a microscope. As Jennette puts it, to be a young star, there is a constant strive to be liked. After her Nickelodeon shows had come to a close, Jennette wanted to pursue a new genre of entertainment since she has been doing comedy during most of her childhood. Once she was offered the opportunity to play in a dramatic role, Jennette jumped at the chance. Social media has also played a big part for Jennette as well. This provided her a way to show the world her real self, rather than through characters (primarily Sam Puckett). She also discussed about the grieving process over the tragic loss of Debra McCurdy and how it took longer than Jennette originally expected it to be.

Listen to the interviews below and make sure to watch Between on Netflix. All six episodes are available now.

Eric Nagel Interview:

Just Jenny Interview:

If you haven’t seen Sways Universe interview, check it out below as well:

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