Jennette McCurdy’s new series Between premiere episode officially released

Posted on May 22, 2015


Netflix, CityTV and Shomi have released the long awaited and anticipated premiere episode of Between on May 21st, 2015. During the premiere party, contest winners got to meet the cast and take photos, Jennette answered Q&As from Twitter, and the phrase “Between Premieres Today” trended worldwide.


Below are photos and Periscope videos from the event. The episode, “School’s Out”, is available to watch now via Netflix or on Shomi/CityTV in Canada.

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One response

  1. I can’t understand all the discussions about ”growing up”.
    Jennette and Ariana both had the chances to, but probably not interpreteted them right.

    For Ariana, it was a litte bit easier, because her role was always constructed to managing the balance act between music and acting.
    Now she’s something in between, she’s a succesful singer, but will participate in another comedy show

    For Jennette things are a little bit complicater.
    She played Sam Puckett for 7 years in 2 shows and people will always remember her in that role like Charlie Sheen will always be Charlie Harper or Jane Levy will always be Tessa Altmann.

    But ”Sam & Cat” was probably also a chance to ”grow up”.
    Their roles in this show were way more complex, than their roles in ”iCarly” or ”Victorious”, where they were just silly sidekicks of Miranda Cosgrove or Victoria Justice (e.g. iCarly-Sam hated kids)

    But in ”Sam & Cat” they really had developped themselves and their characters and are adorable.
    I don’t think that children tv is just for children – ,,Sam & Cat” was way better than every ”adult”-sitcom.

    Of course they can’t play it anymore with 60 years, but now they have the chance to.
    They can’t let the show end like this.
    Please come back.
    I love you Sam & Cat.
    I love you Jennette & Ariana.