Jennette McCurdy’s cover issue of Afterglow Magazine released

Posted on May 22, 2015


To celebrate the premiere of Jennette McCurdy’s new show, Between, Afterglow Magazine published their 21st issue. The cover featured Jennette herself, now as a brunette. The photography and makeup was done by Kalie Johnston, hair done by Erika Vanessa, and styling by Audrey Brianne. Also included in the issue is an exclusive interview by Veronica Quezada.

Welcome back to Afterglow, you’ve come so far since you were last with us! What have you been working on since then?
Jennette: I shot a season of a new survivalists thriller series for Netflix, “Between”. I’ve also been writing a lot, traveling a bit, and I got a dog in January!

You are playing Wiley in Netflix’s new series “Between” can you tell us a little bit about the show?
Jennette: Between is a show about a small town that’s put into quarantine after a disease outbreak, and the only people left alive are under 22.

In addition with dealing with the tragic disease, Wiley also has to deal with being a teen mom. How does she deal with these major struggles?
Jennette: Not well! Wiley is somewhat reckless, rebellious, and over-whelmed. She’s very scared and has a lot of fragility in her, but she conceals it well.

You played Sam Puckett for eight years and for two shows (“iCarly” and “Sam & Cat”) This role as Wiley is very different, how was the transition from Nickelodeon to Netflix?
Jennette: I was really excited by the opportunity to play a more mature role, but Wiley still has a bit of a sense of humor and a really great guard, two things I love to play always.

You are also playing the voice of Sue in the movie “Almost Heroes 3D” what are the differences between voice overs and acting in front of a camera?
Jennette: Occasionally when recording a voiceover, I will wear my pajamas to set (don’t tell anyone). You can’t do that when you’re in front of the camera.

We saw your cover for “Love Me Like You Do” and we loved it! Is singing something you would like to pursue or just a hobby?
Jennette: Thank you!! Singing is just a hobby for me. I really love it, but my focus is on acting, comedy, writing, and producing.

What advice do you have for young aspiring actors?
Jennette: Be prepared. Be positive. Run your own race. Be nice to people.

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  1. Richard Weber says:

    Just ordered issue #21 today. Looking forward to it. Maybe Afterglow should consider an issue / photo shoot of Miranda Cosgrove. Jennette is amazing! Thank you for issue #21.

  2. she is so pretty

  3. i want to kiss her so bad