New preview for Jennette McCurdy guest starring on Girl Code

Posted on April 17, 2015


MTV released a preview video for their upcoming episode of Girl Code featuring Jennette McCurdy, where she talks about her ideal prom night:

My idea prom night would be just going with my friends not worrying about guy. I’m a big flirt so I definitely would want to dance with a lot of different people and see who sparks my interest the most. I would definitely want to hang out by the buffet table. I would hope that they’d have those mini hotdogs wrapped in those crescent rolls cause those things are good. I’d want a lot of punch preferably with some Jack mixed in. Then I’d roll out of there late with my buds, go back to my place where I have a slew of giant stuffed animals. I drag them out for the party. We’d have a pillow fight, and that would be my perfect prom night.

Check out the preview below. The episode will air Tuesday, April 21st at 11/10c:


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