Jennette McCurdy exclusive interview with Fusion

Posted on February 25, 2015


Fusion recently published an article featuring their interview with Jennette McCurdy in light of the iCarly cast being reunited on February 23rd, 2015. Jennette talks about her thoughts about other projects after leaving her role she has played for many years. One of her next biggest role is being featured on a new television series, Between.

For me, after Sam and Cat ended, my goal was to do projects that I really was passionate about. So sometimes people would say, “Why didn’t you stay with comedy?” It wasn’t about that. It was about, well if I see a script, and I connect with the script, and I connect with the character, and I like the people involved, then that kind of speaks for itself.

Jennette also mentions that she continuously keeps in contact with her friends that have been through the same experience as she did.

I am in touch with pretty much everybody that I have worked with in the past. I think that you can’t go through an experience like being in the, I’m going to say … the Nickelodeon machine, not in a derogatory way. You can’t go through that machine at the same time as other people and not have a really special bond with them. So I think we all kind of root each other on and hope for success for each other.

Below is video from her interview with Fusion, where she talks about her super fans on Twitter which to her “gets her going”:

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