Jennette McCurdy uploads new original comedy song: “Like Like”

Posted on January 11, 2015


Jennette McCurdy is back in LA after filming her new original series, “Between”. She posted a new original song on her official Youtube channel on January 10, 2015, titled: “Like Like”

Check out her song below along with the lyrics:

I’ve never really liked the word love
it always makes me think of
the fact that sometimes you just can’t help falling

falling’s a really scary thing to do
look at me now i’m falling for you
my head is telling my heart to keep stalling but
let’s face it
i can’t erase this

first thing’s first while i still can’t say
l-o-v-e there is a way
for me to express my tender feelings

it might be a little grade school
it might be a little uncool
but i don’t care cuz it feels really really good

i’m falling in like like
falling in like like
falling in like like with you
you took me by the heart
swept me right away
and i don’t really know what to do
i won’t say i’m falling in love
but i’m falling in like like

i’m falling in like like so hard
like a Trekky like likes Jean Luc Picard
i’m falling in like like like nobody’s business
i’m falling like a fat guy to the ground
like a tree no one sees (does it make a sound?)
i’m falling like a cake without baking powder
i’m falling like the Mayan civilization
like a fist with a proclamation
like the angel lucifer but with zero power

love’s too thick to fall into
but when it comes to you

chorus repeat (too lazy to re-type it)

i like that we laugh at the same things
i like your ideas i like your dreams
i like the way you walk the way you talk the way you wear your clothes

i like like your raspy voice
i like like your hats of choice
i like that when i look into your eyes i see into your soul

i love — i mean like like — when you wrote
my name in the foggy cab window
i love — i mean like like — when we split those nachos
i usually hate being hugged
but when it comes to you i love — i mean i like like — everything about those

i liked our night out on the town
and sure, i may have danced around
but dancing with you was the only time time froze

chorus repeat (still too lazy)

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