Jennette McCurdy hosts a 6 million follower Q&A on Twitter

Posted on January 7, 2015


On December 29th, 2014, Jennette McCurdy passed over 6 million followers on her official Twitter account. She did an unofficial Q&A with her fans which can be seen below:

What is your next project
a @netflix show called Between, coming in 2015. Super excited for everyone to see it

Any favorite books you’re reading?
I just read “Not That Kind of Girl” and really enjoyed it

what is your favourite music atm?
Handsome Ghost, Queen, Styx, the new T Swizz record, a little eminem, and Marvin Gaye

what’s your favorite toe?
toes are just creepy all around

Whats the best episode of between so far in your opinion ?
I haven’t seen them edited! My favorite scenes are probably in the 2nd, 4th, or 5th episodes

What is something that not a lot of people know about you?
well if i told you then a lot of people would know it :P

Are oranges called oranges because they are orange or is orange called orange because oranges are orange?
i like the way you think

Do you like mgmt?
yes! time to pretend is great

How about the temper trap or passion pit?
I haven’t heard of temper trap but i love 2 door cinema club and passion pit

Do u like nicki minaj?
i love pills and potions

Do you miss David Archuleta or talk to him?
I miss him, we still speak often!! he is such a true friend and a kind, wonderful person

chicken or pizza?
pizza. always pizza.

tweet an inspirational quote
“do or do not, there is no try.” – yoda

What’s your plan on 2015?
own it

Favorite show on TV right now?
House of Cards

who is your favorite person in world?
probably @MirandaCosgrove and @allisonsh and Warren Buffett

how do people like us get so incredibly good looking, yet stay so hilarious that it’s almost unbelievable?
i know right??! unfair to the rest of the world

Hey Jennette! Looking forward to see your new series! I love to see this evolution of McCurdy.
thank you so much! It’s a fun evolution for sure. It’s McDonalds (I’m lovin’ it) (thanks Pete Holmes)

What’s your fav song on 1989?
Welcome to New York, Blank Space, All You Had to Do Was Stay, and How You Get the Girl

how do you feel about the word ‘panties’
does anyone like that word?

how awesome are your new castmates?
coolest ever

What is your favorite vegetarian dish?
i love vegan BLTs

favorite way to eat potatoes?
fried, and i’m offended that you think that is even a question

Not really a question but you should make more funny songs!
maybe i will…;)

what is something you would scream before charging into battle?
I am spartacus

you should get a eyebrow ring and adopt a European son
and work at urban outfitters and change my name to CalaLilly

should I really cry over the spilt milk?
i think you should

how do u stay positive?
by putting an exclamation point after everything i say!

can we meet some day? I’d like to fist bump you
if we ever meet, i will most certainly fist bump you

I bet you 100 bucks you won’t see this
please send a check for $100 to my manager

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  1. Jeremy Martin says:

    Hello Jennette and I was wondering do you watch the NFL or don’t watch football ? Its a yes so whose your favorite team or teams?