Jennette McCurdy returns with her brand new webshow: What’s Next for Sarah?

Posted on August 13, 2014


After a brief hiatus from social networks, Jennette McCurdy revealed her latest project that she has been working on. The new webshow titled “What’s Next for Sarah?” was officially announced on August 13th, 2014.

The web series, created by Jennette herself, follows Sarah Bronson who moves on to find herself after realizing her once-popular show has been cancelled. The parodies of the shallow and contradicting Hollywood lifestyle is brought to life ranging from: charity press appearances, forced interviews, and empty promises. She introduces plenty of comedy in quick 5 minute episodes. The characters introduced, many (if not all) of them her close friends, are vivid and unique. A few have had previous roles on iCarly as well. Although only 4 episodes have been created, there’s plenty of room for more adventures with the sassy Sarah.

Below are the 4 episodes, which you can also watch on the official “What’s Next For Sarah?” website.

Below is her first Reddit AMA for the release of her new web series along with a special Twitter Q&A:

Hey reddit!
First off, thanks for the great response to my last post.
I made this new web series called What’s Next for Sarah and it just went live. I’m here to promote it, talk about the weather, and anything else not deleted by the mods. So… AMA!
Link to series:
Direct link to episodes (in case site crashes again):

Q: Are you and Miranda Cosgrove at all friends outside of iCarly?
A: Miranda is one of my best friends. She’s hilarious, genuine, a total sweetheart. One of a kind

Q: Are your Vines more spontaneous or planned?
A: spontaneous. every time i do a planned one, I save it and then never post lol

Q: Jennette! You were great on the Nerdist Podcast awhile back. Do you plan on doing anymore podcasts or anything similar to that?
A: aw shucks. I did “You Made It Weird” and “Shane Dawson and Friends”. I love doing podcasts. Great way to talk to funny, smart, interesting people.

Q: I love this web series already. How long did it take to make? Did you come up with the idea?
A: thank you! I did come up with the idea, and I wrote all the episodes. My great friend Colton Tran directed and my friend Jesse Bloch produced. Preproduction was about a month. We had to shoot everything in three quick days. Then editing and whatnot took a month as well.

Q: Star Wars or Star Trek?
A: star wars!

Q: Are you finding that you’re becoming more of a recognized individual now or are people still seeing you as ‘that girl from iCarly’?
A: definitely more of a recognized individual. I think that’s one area where social media has really helped me – I’ve separated myself and shown people who I am vs who my characters are

Q: Are you writing any of the material on your web series? If so, what is your inspiration? If not, do you plan on doing any writing?
A: I wrote all four episodes. Inspiration was my experience in entertainment. Thanks for the question x

Q: How can you convince me to watch What’s Next For Sarah?
A: because it’s good.

Q: What is your work out regime?
A: I like to change it up! sometimes i take fitness classes. right now i’m in a weird running thing, though I usually hate it and make up all kinds of excuses about how weak my shins are.

Q: How different is being in a web series from a television show?
A: well i executive produced and wrote this, so I was a lot more involved. I even helped out with props and set decorating lol. It was harder than I imagined but I learned a lot.

Q: I appreciate the fact that you just want to live life and not have people raise you up and what not, but how does it make you feel that there are people out there that idolize you?
A: well thank you. it feels weird. i try not to take that fact too seriously, and recognize that I have to live my life in a way that pleases me. I can’t worry about what i do because someone idolizes me. it’s unhealthy.

Q: Have you thought about dying your hair a different color?
A: I died my hair brown a while back and it’s naturally faded to a more blondish tone with time and the sun. I am trying to keep dyes and heat off of my hair as much as possible. You’d be surprised how much that stuff can ruin your hair, and I ain’t into extensions ;)

Q: What’s your favorite hobby?
A: i love watching tv and seeing live comedy. sometimes i cook, i like cleaning my room lol, and writing. also eating. mainly eating.

Q: Hey, Jennette! Welcome back! This is a question I’ve honestly been wanting to ask since listening to the Nerdist podcast, do you think you may ever get involved in stand up comedy? After hearing the songs you had posted to YouTube it kinda reminded me of something that could perfectly mesh and segue in a comedy set.
A: thank you, that’s very kind of you! I LOVE standup. I write jokes all the time, but have never gone up on a stage to perform them. Maybe I’ll go some place and perform my comedy songs. :D

Q: So you literally have everything that’s important in life.. fame, fortune, lots of twitter followers. what else could you want?
A: haha. i want to eat whatever i want and not have any bodily repercussions.

Q: Do you still ice skate regularly?
A: i don’t! i miss it!!

Q: Can you write a book soon? Would probably read it haha!
A: i would love to! thank you!! xo

Q: Favorite fast food place to eat at?
A: god such a toughie. i’d say in n out.

Q: How awesome is Liz Gillies?
A: so cool! she’s smart and clever. and gorgeous.

Q: Missed ya. I just finished it. Its so funny. (You’re funny) Well, how have you been lately?
A: thank you! i’ve been well. working on this plus taking time to visit with family, clean my house, and enjoy life a little. and you?

Q: Are you ever planning on doing another album? I think your voice is great and I loved your first one. Also, thank you for doing this AMA!
A: thank you! no plans for an album. i prefer acting, and mainly comedy. music was a little forced for me. i met lots of good friends through my experience though, so that alone made it worth it.

Q: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
A: i’m guessing a lot of damn wood.

Q: So if you had to chose; would you rather spend the rest of your life with that feeling from eating too many salt and vinegar chips, or have no bones in your toes while your boyfriend became into foot fetish?
A: that feeling from too many salt and vinegar chips- because it means i ate salt and vinegar chips, which is never a bad thing.

Q: Really good stuff. Any chance you might take it to a network for a series? I still say they should cast you as Supergirl in a movie.
A: thanks so much! it was just a fun project I did with friends. really glad you enjoyed.

Q: What is your favorite Vine that you’ve posted so far?
A: “and i will always love food”

Q: I’m in the process of watching the episodes, but I will say for now, I appreciate your work. It takes lots of courage to build something like this on your own and you are showing talent. I hope you are as proud of yourself for the accomplishment as I am of you. I’ll continue the fluffing later.
Was Sarah Bronson just a random name or did you have an inspiration? If the latter, what was it? There seems to be some inspiration from your life in this project, are you being careful not to draw on your personal experiences too much to avoid people getting confused (they probably will anyway but that is on them)?
A: thanks so much for watching. glad you like. Random name. Exactly, I didn’t want to name the character after myself cuz i thought that would be too confusing.

Q: Nice stuff, by “produce” you mean “fund”? Good lighting, nice camera, super sound. You did some casting and editing work as well? I imagine even with a limited cast and set, this was a daunting project.
A: produce as in organize cast and crew, fill out forms, location scout, etc. i cast it all (i have talented friends) and Jesse/Colton/me edited. which was suuuuper hard lol

Q: What is your favorite song at the moment? Also, has been your favorite podcast to be on?
A: Pete Holmes. I adore him.

Q: Since it seems like this whole project was completely done by you. How did you go about getting a budget, acquiring talent, finding locations? Enjoyed the episodes, are there plans for more or was this just a satirical way to respond to critics with the bonus of getting to poke fun at the industry?
A: i initially wanted to do the project so that I could have my hand in as many aspects of a production as possible. I liked the web series idea because it’s short and sweet. ambitious but still manageable. talent was all my friends (they’re great, right?!) and locations was A PAIN IN THE ASS. but did the scout with Jesse Bloch and Colton Tran.

Q: Howdy! What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?
A: i love teddy bears. super uncharacteristic, but they’re just so damn soft.

Q: Hi Jennette, a few questions.
– What do you think of the current state of the Metal genre?
– Best Cheese for a grilled?
– Favorite Horror film not starring Fran Drescher?
– What is this thing on my shoe?
I’m sorry that I’m not a very serious person, but #2 is a legit question.
A: havarti. always havarti. with sharp cheddar or pepperjack running a tie for second.

Q: What do you look for in a partner? Does he need to be a big guy? A big guy for you, that is.
A: someone funny, interesting, self-aware, and sensitive

Q: Favorite ride at Disneyland?
A: space mountain!

Q: What would be your last words if you were going down in a plane that will surely crash with no survivors?
A: “i never even got my peanuts”

Q: That was a fun little series. Are you expecting to make more episodes? I have a few other questions as well. Drink of choice? Enjoying the Twitter hiatus? And of course, what’s next for Jennette?
A: glad you liked it! i enjoy moscow mules, dirty shirley’s, or two fingers of jack. twitter hiatus was much needed!!

Q: Was being famous for Icarly part of your plan?
A: Not that it’s a bad thing, but being famous wasn’t part of my plan.

Q: How has this AMA been for you? Do you feel in charge?
A: As with Earth, I’m just happy to be here.

Q: Jennette, how do you feel about the criticism Miley gets for her suggestive live show? Is it fair to say that she can make her own decisions, that she’s a big girl for you?
A: I haven’t seen the show, but I love Miley.

q and a! send me your questions with #whatsnextforsarah and i’ll answer as many as i can :)

Q: what’s your favorite tea?
A: chai tea! with cream and sugar, please and thanks

Q: Do you love me
A: i don’t know you, but it’s possible. ah hell, yeah i love you

Q: What’s your favourite thing about England?
A: your people. some of my favorite writers and comedians come from your place!

Q: what made you come up with the idea for that?
A: my life lol

Q: what your fav movie ???
A: back to the future!

Q: do you want to attract new fans doing this or are you holding onto us?
A: I’m hoping for both! I just need all my old fans to keep in mind that I’m now a 22 year old young lady. who drinks tea.

Q: how’s real life treating you?
A: great right now! it’s mcdonalds (i’m lovin it)

Q: what is your fav romantic movie?
A: just saw notting hill and vanilla sky and i fell in love with them both

Q: do you have a favourite Robin Williams film???
A: aladdin, patch adams, good will hunting, and i also enjoyed mork & mindy

Q: Are you visiting England anytime soon?
A: i certainly hope so!!

Q: how often do you hang out with miranda?
A: often! she’s one of my best friends

Q: favorite song rn?
A: “I wanna get better” by the bleachers. also listening to a best of “the who” that i’m really enjoying

Q: which @DisneyParks do you like better? @WaltDisneyWorld or @Disneyland! ;)
A: it’s like sophie’s choice!

Q: what perfume do you use?
A: a lady needs to keep some secrets ;)

Q: who is ur comedic inspiration?
A: i love old sitcoms from the 70s/80s/90s, standup,& characters that don’t even know they’re characters, like my grandma lol.

Q: What is your favorite reality show?
A: probably life

Q: chocolate vs cake?
A: is cupcake an option? because definitely cupcake

Q: favorite viner?
A: bo burnham

Q: Do you have to practice being beautiful or does it just come naturally?
A: it’s pretty natural for such a flawless mermaid as myself

Q: A phrase that defines you?
A: be yourself because the people who mind don’t matter and the people who matter don’t mind

Q: Star Wars or lord of the rings?
A: star warsssss

Q: How did you come up with Sarah?
A: sarah is based on me

Q: Are you drinking tea right now?
A: yes how’d you know. slightly creepy. i’ll go lock my doors now.

Q: Are you a dog or cat person?
A: dog!

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    Omg you are such a great actor and you always make me crack up! You should really consider being a comedian because you are just so darn funny! You seem like such a great down to earth person and I really love you! You are so pretty, funny and talented! Keep being yourself, keep making people laugh and smile and just keep being your perfect self! <3 Always

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  3. I honestly love this new series and how different it is from your other shows Nick. To me, it makes you seem like a normal kid, which you are, lol, but just wasn’t portrayed as well in your role as Sam. Like you have flaws and life sucks sometimes. But my question is if you’ll be doing like a behind-the-scene, bloopers type of episode in the future, because I know making this episodes, despite the brevity, is a crap load of work lol. I made a gummy worm stop animation video once. And only once lol. Never again.

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