Jennette McCurdy denies private photos caused Sam and Cat being cancelled

Posted on July 25, 2014


Ever since the private photos of Jennette McCurdy were leaked online, there has been speculation of Sam and Cat being cancelled for that reason alone. Soon after the announcement from Nickelodeon of a Sam and Cat hiatus, the final episode was aired on July 17th, 2014. The show was a hot topic in the comments on Jennette McCurdy’s Reddit post: I am not a role model, which also became the top story for E! Online.

Jennette wanted to share the real reason why the show ended. Below is the post that she wrote on Facebook:

Unfortunately, a personal reddit post and the subsequent taken-out-of-context comments have led people/media to believe S&C was cancelled due to the photos that leaked back in March (after some stuff I said on the ever-awesome Pete Holmes podcast).

Rest assured, fans and pitiful haters alike, this is not the case.

Sam & Cat was not cancelled due to any risqué photos. In fact, Nickelodeon responded to me as soon as the incident happened, and on that particular occasion, I felt supported by a network I gave eight years of my life to.

The reason Sam & Cat ended was because of adults being stuffed into cookie cutter kids’ network characters created for tweens.

This is as official of a post as I am going to give. Everything quoted before this very post was purely my response to ignorant social network commenters. That’s all.

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4 responses

  1. Gary Bersin says:

    What a great talent. Whether Jennette likes it or not, she is already a role model.
    Jennette, just do not get carried away with your new fame. Rermember where you started and don’t stray away from the good things in life.
    What appears to your friends could be something else in disguise.

  2. nuff said!

  3. Jimmy 424 says:

    Hey Jeannette kudos for you for standing up for yourself regarding the picture debacle I know I’m just a random dude out in cyberspace but what I tell you is the truth is the gospel truth I have a mental disability called cerebral palsy Just as people look down upon you for what you have done people stared me and looked disturbed when I get affectionate with my girlfriend
    Now I know it’s not The same but it has some similarities to the situation to you found yourself In of late just know that I think you’re right you say everybody has a right to do what they want as long as it does not hurt anyone just know that this disabled guy says to moving forward to doing what makes you happy and the rest will fall into place and PS get to know a little bit about the disabled world I guarantee you won’t go wrong and it’s a lot of fun

  4. That’s how I see it jennette.