Jennette McCurdy featured in People Magazine

Posted on July 15, 2014


Jennette McCurdy was featured in the Hollywood at Home section of the most recent issue of People Magazine (July 21, 2014), where she explains how much time she spends being inside her bedroom.

The Nickelodeon star owns a 2,600-sq.-ft home in Studio City, Calif., but she really only nests in one spot. “My whole setup is bedroom-centric. I order a pizza, then set the box on my bed. I read in bed. I even have an office, but I never go in it to do work; I just plop my laptop on my bed,” says the 22-year-old actress. “It feels like a comfy little haven.” That wasn’t the case when she was the youngest of four growing up outside of Los Angeles. “My room was a cluttered mess, and I shared it with family.” she says. “Now having my own space, I wanted to go for a classy style. I had to tone down my playful side. My sister-in-law said. ‘You’re not going to have 74 Uglydolls sitting in here!” The compromise? “I have one teddy bear on the bed, no matter what,” McCurdy says. “That’s just me.”

Below is the featured article with the quote: “I picked out all of the furniture myself, and that makes me proud”. However, in her Instagram, she considers not so proud of herself for saying that.


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4 responses

  1. I understand you jennette.i do the same.

  2. I think that jennette mccurdy should make-up with ariana grande and start a second season of sam & cat

  3. no make-up needed chris. Jennette was paid less than Grande when Nick said that Jennette was the star of the show before it started. Jennette deserved faireness from NICK which did not happen. The girl has principles which many people lack.

  4. Ciao voglio a sei americana quindi nello