Jennette McCurdy gives advice in her latest Popstar Magazine column

Posted on April 16, 2014


In the March 2014 issue of Popstar Magazine, Jennette McCurdy answered questions sent in by fans asking about boyfriends and music lessons.

Dear Jennette,
I was dating this guy and then he dumped me for this girl, and then dumped her for another girl. Now, he wants to date me again. What should I say? How can I get over him?
– Jonayla

Hey Jonayla,
This guy definitely does not deserve your attention. He sounds like he lacks respect for you, so you have no reason to respect him. Live your life, have fun, do your own thing, and when a guy worthy of your attention comes around, give it to him!

Dear Jennette,
I have a little problem. I really want a boyfriend, but my parents tell me to wait. I just started attending a middle school that has a dress code (ugh). I think that a boyfriend will help me when I’m sad, or comfort me, or just be nice to have. All my friends have one and I look at how happy they are. How do I get one? What do I have to do?
– Abby

Hey Abby,
If your parents don’t want you to have a boyfriend, there’s really nothing you can do about it. That’s their rule, and you live under their roof, so you kind of have to adhere to it. I know what it feels like – I wasn’t allowed to date until I was sixteen! It may seem like your friends are all happy with their boyfriends, but trust me, the drama and emotions that come with a relationship are not necessarily the most fun in the world. For the time being, focus on school and extracurricular activities, have a lot of fun, and put boys on the back burner!

Dear Jennette,
My parents make me take saxophone lessons but I really hate it! I wish they would let me take acting lessons but they won’t listen to me. How can I get them to let me switch to that instead?
– Sarah

Hey Sarah,
First off, I think the saxophone is the coolest instrument in the world. Just had to lob that out there. However, if you’re not digging it, sit down with your parents and express to them calmly why you would prefer to take acting classes instead of saxophone. Also, mention how passion behind an activity really helps to steer your growth in said activity. If you present your case politely, I don’t see how your parents could disagree!

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