Jennette McCurdy featured on the cover of Glitter Magazine

Posted on March 31, 2014


Jennette McCurdy was featured on the Spring 2014 cover of Glitter Magazine. Also included is an exclusive interview with Jennette herself:

Glitter: What is it like to be a cover girl? How do you prepare for a shoot?
Jennette: Luckily whenever I do a photoshoot, I don’t have to do any preparation! I show up with my hair wet and not a drop of makeup on my face, then the talented hair/makeup team glamorize me and make me cover-ready.

Glitter: How has your life changed since iCarly?
Jennette: Well, I’ve aged six years.

Glitter: Do you still keep in touch with your iCarly cast mates?
Jennette: Yes, all of them! They’re some of the kindest, coolest people I’ve met. A rare bunch.

Glitter: Was it scary starting a new TV show?
Jennette: Of course, but also exciting.

Glitter: What’s been on of your best experiences while filming Sam & Cat?
Jennette: Working with Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams from Laverne & Shirley was pretty awesome. I grew up watching that show.

Glitter: For those who are new to Sam & Cat, what can you tell them about the show? Who do you play?
Jennette: It’s about two girls who start a babysitting business together. Sounds great, right? Tune in.

Glitter: What about love interests on the show, do you think that will happen for both Sam and Cat?
Jennette: No, because the network wants to stay away from show romances to avoid aging the characters.

Glitter: What advice can you give to girls who don’t feel their best at times and feel pressured to be something they’re not?
Jennette: Find things you love to do and do them. Don’t waste time on false friends. Stick to your guns. Read books.

Glitter: Chocolate or Strawberry?
Jennette: Chocolate.

Glitter: Heels or Flats?
Jennette: Flats.

Glitter: Favorite Movie?
Jennette: Back to the Future.

Glitter: Favorite Book?
Jennette: Fully Present, Candide, Harry Potter series.

Check out the photoshoot from the issue below, credit goes to Jess for the scans.







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  1. Your such a beautiful young woman Your one of a kind a truly dream come true

  2. hanna townsend says:

    Wow jennete u look so beautiful I love your pink dress its so unique and your green dress I was speak less so great I also love your smile looking forward to your next Sam and cat have u actually met Madison moellers I have she goes to my school in Estes park Colorado I so admire you! ;-)

  3. Jenette is so bomb like my mom

  4. Nice interview, photos were great, so says Maggie your greatest six year old fan.

  5. Hey Jennette, cool Coverpic. Real sweet. Like me. Greetings from Cologne, Germany! Your fan Dennis

  6. Awesome! :)

  7. She isss fantastic , a great artist ,a beautiful singer and a good people. Yesss she have a sweet voice . from Uruguay…