Jennette McCurdy featured on XEX Magazine’s Ones To Watch list

Posted on January 30, 2014


XEX released a top 10 list for their Rebel Issue showcasing their predictions on the celebrities that will become the most popular and successful for the year. Only a limited number are chosen to be placed on the list and Jennette McCurdy has earned her spot in their top 10. Below is their exclusive interview with Jennette McCurdy:

You are best known for playing outspoken character Sam Puckett from both Nickelodeon’s iCarly and its spin-off series Sam and Cat. What has been the best thing about this 7 year journey?
Working with the same company for seven years has allowed me to establish my own voice and collaborate more on the creative end of things. I’ve had the comfort of a day-to-day job while working on side projects and doing my own thing in my spare time. It’s been a really cool set-up for me!

Your series of a capella cover performances have become quite popular, receiving over a million views. Whats next in your playlist?
I’ve been listening to Katy Perry’s Prism record a lot lately, so maybe I’ll cover something from that. A few years back, I covered older, throwback songs, lots of singer-songwriter stuff, but now I’ve been trying a new angle by singing more pop and top 40.

What influences your fashion choices, any favorite designers?
I like to look sleek and classy. I love crop tops with harem pants or leather skirts, dresses with flirty cut-outs, and baby boot-cut jeans with sweaters and boots for the winter. Favorite designers are Emporio Armani, BCBG maxazria, Rachel Roy, and Elizabeth & James.

What has been your must humbling moment?

My most humbling moment was probably when I was 16, at Disneyland. A bunch of people were asking me for autographs. I ducked into a store to catch a breather. Somebody tapped me and said “Excuse me?” I turned knowingly, and they said, “Could you move? You’re right in my way.” Consider my humble pie overeaten!

You can see who else is on XEX’s Ones To Watch list on their official site.

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