Glitter Magazine interviews Jennette McCurdy

Posted on January 30, 2014


Glitter Magazine posted their exclusive Q&A with Jennette McCurdy on their site. They mentioned how much they love her humor and it shows in her interview below:

GLITTER: How did you get started in acting?

JENNETTE: I wanted to be in Star Wars!

GLITTER: Last time we spoke, you said you learned more “don’ts” than “do’s” in terms of babysitting when researching for Sam & Cat. Can you tell us some of those “dont’s” that you’ve learned?

JENNETTE: Don’t forget you’re babysitting when you’re in the middle of babysitting! Don’t cut kids’ hair! Don’t let kids do chores for you (no matter how much you want them to).

GLITTER: For those who don’t know much about your new series, Sam & Cat, can you tell them all about it? Who do you play?

JENNETTE: Sam & Cat is about two polar opposite girls who strike a friendship through their mutual need for jobs and a place to stay. The girls become roommates and start a babysitting business together. I play Sam Puckett, the brazen, brash, rude half of Sam & Cat.

GLITTER: What’s your favorite thing to do with your friends when you aren’t filming?

JENNETTE: Go on hikes, play board games, see live comedy, go to the movie theater, drive around aimlessly and see where the night takes us – preferably some place with lots of food that we will consume only to later regret.

GLITTER: When filming a new role, what do you do to get yourself into character?

JENNETTE: Depends on the character! Sometimes I make playlists of music I think the character would listen to because that gets me in the right head space. I practice my lines a lot cold (no intonation) so I know them down pat. That way I don’t have to fumble for words while filming and can just do the scene.

GLITTER: Who has been your absolute favorite character to play?

JENNETTE: I played a character with bi-polar disorder. That was pretty fun.

GLITTER: What was it like filming your movie, Swindle. How does filming a movie differ from filming a TV series?

JENNETTE: It was so fun! I was with some of my really good friends shooting up in Canada, which I love, so combining fun travel with cool people is pretty much the best scenario. Filming a movie is a much bigger test on patience. You have to wait around a lot longer and scenes take much longer to shoot.

GLITTER: Have you had any memorable/crazy fan experiences?

JENNETTE: People have gotten tattoos of me on their arms, which is so strange, but very sweet! Kids have passed out before, sobbed, the usual.

GLITTER: What’s one of your favorite winter memories?

JENNETTE: My family used to pile into the car and look at Christmas lights every single night in December. It was magical!

GLITTER: What is your favorite holiday?

JENNETTE: Christmas!

GLITTER: What book is on your winter must-read list?

JENNETTE: Winter can be gloomy, so something funny to keep you in good spirits. I like Zombie Spaceship Wasteland by Patton Oswald, or Bossypants by Tina Fey.

GLITTER: The holidays are a perfect time for movie watching. What movie are you looking forward to watching the most?

JENNETTE: Probably Silence of the Lambs or something Christmasy like that.

GLITTER: What winter trend are you most excited for?

JENNETTE: I love pointed-toe pumps and all the velour accents happening right now. I’m also super into jumpsuits.

GLITTER: What advice do you have to those who want to pursue a career in acting?

JENNETTE: Read a lot. Watch a lot of movies. Eat your vegetables.

GLITTER: If you could be anyone else, who would you be?

JENNETTE: Antonio Banderas.

GLITTER: Where do you hope to see yourself ten years from now?

JENNETTE: In the future.

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