New Jennette McCurdy dating article: 15 dating tips I wish I’d known

Posted on January 22, 2014


Jennette McCurdy wrote a new article for Seventeen Magazine about the exciting world of dating. She writes the following about herself before listing her dating tips:

I’ve been out on lots of dates, been in a few lighthearted relationships, and a few more serious ones. I’ve met lots of great boys and only a couple unfortunate ones. All in all, no matter what unfolds with a guy of interest or what happens in a relationship, there are so many scenarios to learn from and so many ways to grow.

Jennette confidently admitted that she hasn’t started kissing guys until she was 18, but still she knew what to do and what not do on dates. She provides some quick tips in hopes of aiding her readers to have successful dates.

Read all of Jennette McCurdy’s 15 dating tips on Seventeen Magazine’s site.


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  1. We have so much in common my mom had chemo and radiation and my dad died and I love to sing and act like u u are an inspiration to me
    Brynn,I luv u jennette from your never met bestest number one fan of all time and I mean all time Brynn

  2. Xavier Siline says:

    I love you so much as I heard so much about you on TV and if you were in Boston, I would go on a date with you.