New Jennette McCurdy article on beauty and body shaming

Posted on January 22, 2014


In light of a recent article on Lena Dunham’s Vogue photoshoot, SpeakEasy asked Jennette McCurdy to write an article about how she feels about photo retouches in media.

Jennette McCurdy has recently been featured as a cover girl for Runway Magazine, which unfortunately also has had alterations that weren’t needed (her beauty mark being removed for example). When asked by a fan to take a photo, who also complimented on her appearance in the magazine, thoughts instantly rushed through her head.

“She thinks I look good in the photo which means she must think I look bad in real life. I have circles under my eyes, I’m wearing jeans, my hair isn’t done well, and I barely have any makeup on. She’s gonna tell her friends I don’t look good in person. I wish in real life I looked like I do on that magazine”

There is a trend of sayings to let your natural beauty shine through. However, Jennette says that it’s all smoke and mirrors. There are constant reminders on how to look your best in order to sell magazines and multitudes of beauty products. After all, it’s become apparent there are only certain ways to look to be socially acceptable in appearance. We also become those we despise. We retouch personal photos to better ourselves and become “casually perfect”, along with placing disclaimers of how ugly we feel to justify it.

There is so simple answer to this issue but Jennette does provides helpful insight on how to conquer it on a personal level:

I think we can stop giving it [beauty monster] attention it doesn’t deserve. I challenge you to evaluate yourself and figure out why you care so much about beauty in the first place.

You can read the entire article on the WallStreetJournal SpeakEasy site.


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