Jennette McCurdy’s new Wallstreet Journal article: Why I stopped believing in Christmas

Posted on December 23, 2013


On December 23, 2013, Jennette McCurdy wrote a new article on the Wallstreet Journal. The article, titled “Why I Stopped Believing in Christmas (And How I Got My Holiday Mojo Back)”, Jennette shares her experience of Christmas spirit fading as she grows up.

Years ago as a child with her brothers, the holidays felt so real and magical. It wasn’t long until she started to notice the lack of holiday cheer. Jennette strived on to keep the spirit alive by keeping traditions going.

Her efforts were soon too much for her and ultimately led to tears when she realized that the feeling would never be the same. Jennette continued onward forcing the feeling of being a child of Christmas and refused to let her adult lifestyle change that. She brought back the spirit by thinking differently about it.

In a sea of slime and manufactured maturity, Christmas is the one time of year where you are given a free pass to behave like a kid. You can laugh too loud, eat too much, or dress like a fool – and not be ridiculed for your decisions

Check out Jennette’s incredibly well written article, it is sure to touch your heart, fill you with cheer, and may even make you feel your inner child come out once again regardless of your age.

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