Jennette McCurdy teams up with Nintendo for Mario Party Island Tour

Posted on November 25, 2013


Nintendo released a three part series for the recently released Nintendo 3DS game, Mario Party: Island Tour. In the series of videos, Jennette is initially shown how to play the mini-games. Using her superior gaming skills, she teaches the experts how it is done.

The first video Jennette McCurdy plays the mini-game: “Git-Along Goomba”, and has no trouble wrangling Goombas right away. Also, the pestering cowboy learns not to provide her with rope.

In the second video, Jennette McCurdy learns how to catch ghosts in another mini-game: “Peep a Peepa”. However, the ghost catcher seems to lack the nerve in the dark, which Jennette can only describe as “pathetic”.

The third video features the mini-game, “Choicest Voice”. Jennette goes head-to-head with a voice coach. The goal is to impersonate the voices to the respective Nintendo characters. Unfortunately, it turns out that the coach needs to practice.

All three videos are available to watch below along with behind the scenes photos of Jennette playing Mario Party on her red 3DS.

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