Jennette McCurdy returns to answer fan questions

Posted on November 2, 2013


On November 1st, 2013, Jennette McCurdy noticed that she hasn’t done a Q&A in a while. She tweeted that she would be answering questions that have the hashtag #askjennette for a half an hour and only the interesting ones would be answered. The following are the ones she found most intriguing to answer.

Q: when will you twerk? Lol
A: i am constantly twerking in my free time… alone… in my bedroom.

Q: ihop or dennys??
A: that’s a toughy. i have such a thing for quick pancakes, regardless of the name of the restaurant

Q: if you were stuck on an island, which 3 people would you want there with you?
A: @allisonsh @MirandaCosgrove and @ConanOBrien

Q: something to always remember?
A: try to be better than you were yesterday

Q: what is your favorite song actually? :)
A: obsessed with the whole Prism record

Q: Is it wrong for a vegetarian to eat animal crackers?
A: only if it’s wrong for a meateater to eat vegetable crackers

Q: Would you like to be a super hero?
A: yes, but i’d love to be a super villain

Q: What is your favorite thing about Ariana Grande?
A: her drive, talent, observations, and sensitivity

Q: kids: hate them or love them? :p
A: depends on the kid

Q: can you stab someone with a guitar
A: i bet it’s possible…

Q: what’s the closest pink item to you?
A: my teddy bear, norm

Q: hey McCurdy, can you introduce me to Conan?
A: sure, once i meet him

Q: would you ever date a fan?
A: well i definitely wouldn’t date a hater

Q: what are the little things in life that make you smile?
A: soft plushies, coffee, vanilla candles, interesting conversations, good quotes, funny things, and socks that don’t have holes

Q: best phase of your life?
A: so many great ones for different reasons. i’m really enjoying right now actually, it’s been so fun lately

Q: why are you answering these questions in 3-5 minute intervals?
A: why are you judging me?

Q: Your favorite song of Michael Jackson?
A: PYT, human nature, black or white.

Q: have you heard Gambino’s new song?
A: yeah he is the best. the best.

Q: oh hey! Can we be bffs and talk shit about people while eating McDonalds fries??
A: oh hey i think i’m in love with you

Q: how do you think your life would be without fame?
A: the same but with less people.

Q: which is your favorite song of taylor swift?
A: big fan of 22, begin again, never grow up, and best day

Q: Food or people? It’s gonna have to be food for me
A: lol i’d have to agree

After she answered questions, she provided the following video in her tweet:

Thanks for the great questions, guys. You kept it interesting. Here’s a little thank you gift..


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  1. What up u are hot

  2. U are my idol

  3. Sam I adore you xxxx can you tell cat I’m a big fan oh and I’m a big fan of you xxxxx bye!!! ☺️