Jennette McCurdy visits the UK to promote Sam and Cat

Posted on October 15, 2013


It’s not often that Jennette McCurdy travels outside the US, but on October 8th, 2013, she finally visited fans living in the UK. Upon arrival, she tweeted the following:

Landed in London! Feeling fresh! Ok I actually feel like my feet are swollen, my breath smells, and I shouldn’t have had the bacon sandwich



During her stay, Jennette met with fans, shot Nickelodeon promos, enjoyed some afternoon tea, visited the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, showcased the premiere with co-star Ariana Grande, and was interviewed to talk about Sam and Cat. She even made a Vine video of her awkwardly meeting British boys:

Before the episode aired, Nickelodeon UK provided a special message from Jennette to the fans:

Below are videos of fans meeting the cast along with the Q&A of Jennette and Ariana.

The following interview of the beautiful bully, is provided by SBTV. Various topics were discussed: her acting/singing careers, dating, meeting celebrity idols, St Jude, and her experience in the UK.

Jennette is known to speak her mind truthfully. She tells us that her one true passion is acting and that her singing career was only an experiment during the off-season. Jennette loved acting since the very beginning, even when she was placed into tragic dramas in the beginning. Once she had the opportunity to take on roles in comedy, she felt that genre was to her liking the most. Jennette has won many awards both domestically and internationally. Jennette recently had judged the Kidz Bop USA contest, which gave young singers a chance to show their talents to become stars. She shared some helpful advice to anyone who wants to be in the entertainment business and thrive: “Practice and you can’t just want to be famous”.

At the end of the interview, Jennette played the game called “Sam or Cat”, which she has to identify who speaks the lines. Watch the interview below to see how she did:

Jennette McCurdy was stunning while on the red carpet for the premiere, which you can check out below:

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