Jennette McCurdy hosts a Q&A after gaining 4 million followers

Posted on September 18, 2013


Jennette McCurdy’s fanbase is growing at a rapid pace. In just over three months, on September 18th, 2013, Jennette McCurdy now has well over 4 million followers. Upon receiving the news, she tweeted the following:

4 million! I’m all at once more humbled and more egotistical than I have ever been! Lol jk. Thanks!!!

Still can’t get over 4 million! Thank you all so much! Q and A session NOW-8pm. Send me your q’s now!

The following are replies to questions and compliments tweeted by fans:

Q: New album? When? I need ):
A: I’m not making an album! Acting and comedy are my passions, so those are my focuses.

Q: hey guess what?! I was just with @Crazy4Jennette :D
A: hey that’s amazing. i love you both so much

Q: will you be going to Detroit Pistons games to watch your boy @DRE_DRUMMOND_
A: Yes of course! not sure when yet but no doubt

Q: What is your favorite song at the moment?
A: goldigger kanye

Q: How often do you transform into your inner gangsta?
A: it never leaves me

Q: Why you were born so beautiful?????
A: you are too kind

Q: why are you so nice
A: i’m usually a jerk, but thank you!!

Q: are you a natural blonde??
A: yep, born whiter than the snow, both in skin and hair

Q: If I made you a homemade pie and it sucked would you still eat it because I made it with love?
A: probably not, because puke is not made with love

Q: dammit girl i love you more than i love pizza
A: don’t say something that isn’t true. it’s unfair to both of us.

Q: this isn’t a question but you’re so beautiful!
A: thank you baby

Q: You’re awesome. Even more awesome than the ham on my kitchen table it’s pretty dang kool!
A: love you boo

Q: scary rollercoasters or merry-go-rounds?
A: scary rollercoasters!

Q: ok,u r replying people who r NOT your fans and they r not even asking u nothing! can u pls notice me here? I’m about to cry
A: i notice as many people as i can! geez! relax, i’ll give you a massage ;)

Q: favorite thing about @MirandaCosgrove?? :))
A: her sense of humor, kind heart, loyalty, and classiness.

Q: i called you my baby monkey bx idk lol
A: i like it, let’s roll with it

Q: You’re so good at Acting & you make me Laugh Everyday Love you
A: aww thank youuu

Q: I need to sleep but I’m here trying to get your attention. This has an explanation? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MCCURDS ♥ 20
A: why thank you!!

Q: @jennettemccurdy left. *silently cries*
A: *silently wipes your tears*


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  1. eyube marvel says:

    jennette am from nigeria in africa. And am a big fan of u. i really admire every attribute u possess and i study a lot about u. U are great and amazing.
    marvel eyube

  2. Hey Jennette I want to be a comedian and act , is there anyway you can help? Or do you have any advice?

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  4. Alexandre Alves de Albuquerque says:

    Hi Princess…you are is loveli for my country…You is Wonderful…..beauti…..beauti…beauti….Bye…

  5. Alexandre Alves de Albuquerque says:

    Hi Princess…I’m from Brazil…and we lovet…beauti…beauti….beauti…..Bye….

  6. hi

  7. jennette im your best fan I want to meet u because u are so cut and make me smile I wish we were close friends because your funny so am I ill make u laugh 24/7 what do u think.