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Posted on August 30, 2013


Afterglow Magazine released their second issue of their online magazine on August 30th, 2013, featuring Jennette McCurdy as their covergirl. They also had a chance to interview her during the photoshoot:

Afterglow Magazine: First of all, you were such a pleasure to have on set. You were able to pull off many different styles, which one did you like best?
Jennette: Thank you! I had a blast at our shoot. Having different looks enables me to get into different characters and moods, and that’s super fun for me. My favorite look was the abe lincoln Michael Jackson shirt because I’m minorly obsessed with both of them.

Afterglow Magazine: At what age did your passion for acting develop? What was your inspiration for starting this career?
Jennette: I first wanted to act when I was 6 years old after seeing Star Wars on the big screen. I wanted to be Han Solo – yes, I wanted to be the cool guy character, not Princess Leia. Haha.

Afterglow Magazine: Most of our readers have grown up watching you play Sam Puckett on iCarly and now Sam & cat, how is it being part of these top shows?
Jennette: Both shows have been great experiences in completely different ways. I’ve learned a lot, made a lot of wonderful friends, and had some of the best memories of my life!

Afterglow Magazine: What are similarities that you have with your character Sam Puckett?
Jennette: We both can be sarcastic, although I generall am more polite than her. We both have a bit of toughness in us and we’re both candid.

Afterglow Magazine: Other than acting, what other passions do you have?
Jennette: I love writing, improv, and fashion.

Afterglow Magazine: What advice would you give to others wanting to make it as an actor?
Jennette: Read lots of books and watch lots of movies and tv shows.

Afterglow Magazine: If you could change anything about the world, what would it be and why?
Jennette: That’s a hard question, because I think the world is as beautiful or tragic as you choose to see it. I suppose if I could change anything I’d make cancer go away. It sucks!

Afterglow Magazine: After Sam & Cat, what would you want your next step in your career to be?
Jennette: I’d love to work on another sitcom, something single-camera, rapid, and clever. I’d also love to go to college and write a lot.

In addition to an exclusive interview, Jennette also answered some fan questions from Instagram:

@alex_sep29 asks: If you could go back to any moment in your life for a redo, what would it be?
Jennette: That’s a great question. I think everything happens for a reason but I’d probably redo auditions I think I could do better at, or maybe I’d relive particularly fun moments.

@ageekyliar asks: Do you miss working with Miranda Cosgrove?
Jennette: I miss working with her so much! She is as sweet, funny, and professional as they come. We are best friends though, so we still see each other all the time. She’s the best!

@pinkhairedweirdo asks: How do you relax from the stress of TV and interviews and such?
Jennette: I love getting massages, reading, drinking tea, or watching a favorite TV Show to relax.

@maxeenejose asks: How much is your love for all of your McCurdians?
Jennette: I love McCurdians so much. McCurdians are a league of fans that are kind, supportive, funny and offbeat in such a charming way. I’m honored to have such wonderful fans.

@supclayton asks: What was your favorite moment on the set of Sam & Cat?
Jennette: I have many favorite little moments. I love talking to Ariana between scenes, playing games with Cameron, pulling pranks on Zoran, and learning about our crew. My favorite thing has to be when a scene goes really well and you can just feel it while you’re doing it. It feels smooth and crisp – I love it!

Check out the following HQ photos below:

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