Jennette McCurdy gains over one million Vine and Instagram followers

Posted on August 29, 2013


Jennette McCurdy has a huge following on her Twitter (3.8 million) and Facebook (5.6 million) accounts already. Since she has joined Vine and Instagram to share photos and videos with her fans, she has been gaining popularity quickly with her social networks.

On August 28th she reached a new milestone of over one million followers on Vine (dubbed Vine queen by BopAndTigerBeat) and the next day, August 29th, she reached over one million fans on Instagram.

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7 responses

  1. I ❤ you jennette! ☺!!!

  2. Good luck 2 your future! You are a great actress. I am just watching one of your films, Best Player. You are the best!

  3. are you making more SAM and cat new episodes don,t end victorious or SAM and cat what did you and cat do at WWW SAM and cat .com i like all SAM and cat episodes where your motorcycle and are you going to school with cat too or no right your do online school is Carly shay there with you too do miss Carly shay are you staying with the SAM and cat pleased be making more new episodes text back sincerely by Tommy bertini. ….and SAM and cat i text ed you on twitter please text me back if you do you have a computer your posting Zoe 101 drake and josh what time is your did you find you bike SAM?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. but don,t end SAM and cat

  5. rebacca.davis says:

    i love u jennette.i think that’s how u spell your name,i hope.

  6. I love u and ariana and what is your instagram and tumbler

  7. Kaitlynn jones says:

    So are you making sam and cat show if so can you tell ariana grande I said hi so how is icarly going tell cast I said hi so I was watching your vine it is so funny do you rember you was on victorious you rap with rax have. Fun