Jennette McCurdy shares her story about body image in Seventeen Magazine

Posted on August 14, 2013


Jennette McCurdy shared an experience she had when her body had changed from a “petite girl” to a grown woman. She was really uncomfortable with the change and would even become jealous of her friends because her appearance was suddenly different. She learned to become confident with her new figure and is proud of who she is, both inside and out. Below is the article from the September 2013 issue of Seventeen Magazine, which she also posted on her official Instagram account:

Growing up, I was always the “petite girl” – slender with a flat chest and not even five feet three. While my friends were getting hips and boobs when they were 14 and 15 years old, I stayed the same size… and that was fine with me. I was comfortable with my body, and my BFF and iCarly costar, Miranda Cosgrove, had the same build, so I didn’t feel left out. Plus, we could share clothes!

But then I turned 17, and that summer my boobs practically doubled in size. I suddenly had more of an hourglass figure, and I put on a little weight. Within two months, I was tugging all my shirts and dresses because they were too tight and revealing. Bra shopping was awfulI had the body girls want.

After that talk, I went on an epic shopping trip. Before I walked in the mall, I told myself, You’re blank slate – find what works now. It felt like I was trying on clothes for 10 hours, but I finally had success! Going in with a positive attitude helped me realize you can’t hold on to a former version of yourself or compare your figure to someone else’s. These days, I love how my body looks in clothes – and when I get a cute outfit, I post selfies on Instagram. It feels empowering, like I’m putting myself out into the world! Just like any girl, I take a dozen pics before I chose my fave, and I’ll admit I filter the heck out of them. But there’s no filter in real life, so now when something isn’t fitting right at work, I’ll just laugh and tell the stylist, “Yeah, I’ve got boobs!” Hey, this is me now!



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  1. Hey Jennette never feel bad about your shape ever women have to learn its how you feel about your self that’s important. on Icarly. you rocked YOU HAVE NICE SHAPE !!!!!

  2. Miranda was right that girls would love to have your body J. McCurvy and boys would love to hug it. Jennette is gorgeous inside and out! Wish her well with Sam N Cat but it won’t have staying power Cuz ICarly was far more innovative with better story lines as well as a better set. Oh well it will be nice to see Jennette in another Endeavor on 2-3 years anyway. Good luck JMAC

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  4. I’m not gonna lie I died of a laughing fit at what this article was about and that she said ‘boobs’
    I’m a child.

  5. you’re hot

  6. Aneza hakim says:

    Jennette’s body is already perfect!! She has a very nice appearance!!

  7. She’s freakin’ perfect

  8. I love her body

  9. I want to be skinny like you im 20 had my son when i was 18 and now still have a litte baby fat

  10. How do you stay so skinny i need your secret

  11. Jennette is not only beautiful, but smart too! :) Such an amazing woman. I have a boyish shape and I HATE it. I always compare myself to my busty, curvaceous friends and feel like crap. This post is inspirational. Plus, it gives me hope! Maybe I’ll be a late bloomer like Jennette and get my curves when I’m 17 or 18. Jennette, in my opinion, has the PERFECT body. It’s hard to believe that she was once flat-chested like me.

  12. Girl u crazy lol

  13. God really loves people with bodies like yours Jennette.If you can see how big I am and am only 18 you’d probably faint

  14. I have a body just like jennette and i aint confident. It does feel awkward when you cant fit into those cute dresses and people call you fat because of those curves i keep wondering where does jennette get all that confidence from ?