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Posted on August 7, 2013


Jennette McCurdy answers questions from fans who send in to Popstar Magazine. Below is the full article in which Jennette provides sound advice for a babysitting startup, what to say to parents about makeup, and clever gift ideas for a friend’s birthday:

Dear Jennette,
My friends and I want to start a babysitting service like you have on Sam & Cat! What are your best tips for helping us spread the word? Thanks! ~Jessica
Hey Jessica,
Awww, that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. Think of a friend you know with younger siblings and babysit them first, so it’s someone you’re familiar with. Do an amazing job. No doubt those kids have some friends that need to be babysat at home point as well! Word of mouth is your best friend. Get lots of parents buzzing about what a great job you do. When I was 13, I wanted to start my own babysitting business (long before Sam & Cat haha). I took a babysitting course online just to make sure I felt qualified to do the job. I also took an American Heart Association online CPR course and learned how to make some basic meals in case that was asked of me. I never got any clients though, so who am I to give advice? Lol. ~Jennette

Dear Jennette,
It’s my best friend’s Sweet 16 coming up and I want to get her an amazing git. I just don’t have the money! What are some cool things I can make or put together that will show her how much I care? ~Kelsey
Hi Kelsey,
Think of your friend and do something really specific to her liking. Cook her favorite meal, baker her 16 of her favorite desserts (16 cupcakes, 16 brownies, etc), make a scrapbook of your friendship together, use iPhoto and make a photo book for around $20, write her a song if you’re musically inclined, or offer to give her a mani/pedi. You could also think of your own thing, but I think my ideas were pretty great. :P ~Jennette

Dear Jennette,
My parents won’t let me wear makeup yet, only lip gloss. It’s really embarassing because all my friends are allowed to wear it. What’s the best way to talk to my parents so they will change their minds? ~Callie
Hey Callie,
I didn’t start wearing a drop of makeup in real life until I was 16. I was not the norm, however, and now I totally love it, so I see where you’re coming from! Talk to your parents and let them know that you realize a little goes a long way when it comes to makeup. Ask if there’s a compromise. Maybe they’ll let you wear lip gloss and mascara. If not, respect their rules. Look through magazines and cut out pictures of makeup you’d love to try out when you are allowed to. Fashion Angels makes a really cool booklet where you can color makeup onto bare faces… take this time as an opportunity to try out mistakes on paper and instead of on your face! By the time you’re wearing makeup, you’ll be a pro with color coordination and application techniques.
Goo luck! ~Jennette

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8 responses

  1. Hi Jennette! I have a lot of little cousins. I really would love to babysit them and they want me to babysit them. The problem is, that my parents don’t trust me to! How can I gain their trust? xoxo,

  2. Hey jennette,
    I have this like boy bestfriends I guess you could say and we have been bestfriends for a long time! People are always asking us if we are a couple obviously because where always together and we hug and things but up until now I have always said no where just really good friends and that’s it but lately I have developed feelings for him but I don’t know how to tell him because I don’t want to ruin the friendship we have together! And I also noticed that on a stars ill interview you did you where saying about Icarly and how awkward it was when you and Nathan had to do the kissing scenes obviously I am not gonna like kiss him straight away but it is kind of the same situation so I don’t want it to be awkward because he like my brother! So what sort of advice do you think you could give me?? Thanks April x

  3. Hey jennette,
    I was hoping you could give me some advice considering youve been through a similar situation and I dont really want to speak to friends about it! Anyway bassically my bestfriend is a boy and we are always together and we are always asked are you a couple and where like no where just really good friends but the last couple of weeks I have developed feelings for him and dont know how to tell him? I am worried its gonna wreck the friendship we have! I watched a star doll interview you did and you said how it was really awkward when you had to do kissing scenes with freddie well I dont want it to be like that I mean afterall where like brother and sister! Xo

  4. Dear Jennette,
    I’m feel really insecure about my body image. I’m tall, but I just have this straight, kinda skinny figure with big thighs and huge feet. I’ve been running all summer so I’m basically in shape by now, but I still hate how I look. I don’t really have a figure of any sort and my thighs are huge compared to the rest of me. I can’t stop comparing myself to other girls, especially those on the cross country team. Plus, I haven’t lost weight like I planned to this past summer. It really bugs me because I’ve been eating healthier too. Do you have any advice as to how I could gain some confidence with myself? My only good trait seems to be my eyes, and I don’t even wear makeup to compliment them. I want to feel good about myself and look good, too. Help?

  5. Sasha Stepanova says:

    Hi jennette, I’m a big fan of you and Ariana Grande but there’s on problem, i live in Spain and you guys never have concerts there so incase you feel like coming i live in city where most of the time it’s summer it’s called Mabella. So big question is are you and Ariana Grande going to EVER come to Marbella?

  6. Emily Markle says:

    Dear Jennette,

    I have a lot of friends and sometimes I be mean to them. What can I do?


  7. I want to ask a really cute boy out but every time I try someone comes up to him and he walks away or I stop and run because im nervose what should I do we are out for the summer and I don’t know his phone number what should I do I really need help his name is Jack

  8. hey jennette,
    i have a proble with my friends there names are abby ella sydney jasman soipha and i dont know what to do :c