Jennette McCurdy attends the Variety Power of Youth event

Posted on July 27, 2013


On July 27th, 2013, Jennette McCurdy was seen on the green carpet for the Variety Power of Youth event which was held at Universal Studios, California. Jennette was dressed to impress along with a surprising new hairstyle with colored highlights. The event, according to Variety:

Variety’s Power of Youth Initiative is focused on encouraging top young talent to become involved with philanthropic and humanitarian causes, using their positions in popular culture to motivate others to do the same.

Below are the photos and videos from the event.

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  1. Hmm…I guess Jennette is trying to model Avril Lavigne here because Avril had this exact hair style back in 2007!

  2. hello jannette just going to say that I like not only your body but your feelings for your music by your charisma and that the ham I hate rejection and because I love you bu came in soi boock jonathan perez face to sing it together

  3. If there is a more beautiful girl inside and out on this planet, tell me where she is and I……ah never mind jmac is all I need! Lol