Jennette McCurdy hosts a Q&A when she couldn’t sleep

Posted on July 8, 2013


Jennette McCurdy opened up her Twitter for a Q&A session on July 5th, 2013, mentioning that she hasn’t had an #AskJennette for a while (previous one hosted on May 20th, 2013).

i’m up and can’t sleep. haven’t done a q and a in a while. how about one now? include #askjennette

Q: what’s your favorite peanut butter
A: i love almond butter!

Q: what’s you’re favorite song?!
A: right now it’s i want crazy by hunter hayes

Q: how was your 21st birthday? #askjennette
A: it was good. some of my friends got a little out of control though…

Q: can you give me a nickname, actually its all i want
A: cranberry muffin

Q: Are you close with Ariana?
A: yes!

Q: what’s your favorite fruit? #askjennette
A: apples!

Q: Fave thing to do off set?
A: i like vining, writing, seeing movies, going to parks, having tea, seeing live comedy, and avoiding people

Q: could you tell me what i can do to not be stressed on a hell week
A: take deep breaths. focus on the positive. drink chamomile tea to help calm your nerves. ignore annoyances. remember your power.

Q: Have you listened to Taylor’s album “RED”? What’s your favourite song of hers?
A: i have! my favorite songs off that record are 22 and begin again

Q: what is your favourite colour?
A: purple and blue

Q: If you had one extra hour of free time a day, how would you use it?
A: i’d like to say doing something productive, but most likely just eating or something lol

Q: Have you ever seen a Broadway show? If so, what is the last one you saw?
A: i saw Newsies with Miranda last year, that’s it!

Q: how high can you jump?
A: i have to try not to touch the moon

Q: what’s your favorite place to hangout with your friends?
A: my house! also my name has an extra T and E at the end ;)

Q: would you POP it for your crush?
A: i’m not sure what this means and that makes me feel stupid. are we talking about nsync?

Q: do you like poptarts
A: i was literally JUST thinking about how i wanted a cinnamon one

Q: what do you think about Selena Gomez?
A: what a beauty

Q: what are some of your favorite books?
A: the loner’s manifesto and the entire harry potter series… candide..

Q: Do you like japanese food?!?
A: love it! and I love Japanese boys :D

Q: you make the best vines! (Sorry it’s not a question again)
A: thank you! love you!!

Q: when are u gonna do USTREAM again? I miss that a lot!
A: aww thanks! hopefully soon! I’ve been tweeting, facebooking, instagramming, and Vining (my favorite) a lot lately though!

Q: What should I eat: Chocolate or Chips?
A: maybe you could blend the two and invent a whole new food… the chocolate chip. i’m gonna sell the idea to nestle

Q: where you have creativity to their vines? I love it!
A: thank you! Ideas just come to me randomly, and I always have my phone, so I whip it out and make one. lol

Q: What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?
A: turkey and cheddar cheese, or grilled cheese

Q: what will you say to a person that needs to stay strong, as advice?
A: remember your worth. stay positive even when it seems easier to be negative (it’s not). the only thing u can control is u

Q: Yesterday I went to a concert symphony orchestra and they played the Star Wars theme, you would have seen?xx
A: that sounds absolutely glorious

Q: summer or winter?
A: summer is flirty, but winter is romantic! I like that winter feels classy and elegant.

Q: i love you (it’s not a question)
A: i love you too (it’s an answer)

Q: hi jennette!!!!! How did you get your boobs to be like that?
A: how do you mean?? lol!

Q: do you love what you do into your life?
A: yes! it’s my favorite thing, making people laugh :)

Q: how many times do you think you’ve watched back to the future?
A: over 100, for sure

Q: take a selfieee? :D
A: not a chance in my current state lol

Q: best French Fries ever?
A: maybe my favorite question. BK, McDonalds, Carls for curly, rally’s for waffle…

Q: Where are you right now?
A: my bedroom!

Q: who’s your best friend?
A: hardy, miranda, and colton

Q: Are you sleepy yet?
A: no:(

Q: I’m calling you sweet if you don’t reply me
A: funny. HI!

Q: are you feeeeling any better??? #loveyouu
A: you’re so sweet to ask! yes, thank you! on so many meds.

Q: Yeah hi can you please tell this weather to calm down, it’s being a nuisance to everyone
A: haha, i’ll see what i can do. i kinda know al roker.

Q: follow me princess?!!! Is my dream!!! x14
A: done. – EVERYONE -thanks for the great q’s! gonna try to get back to sleep now!!


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