Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande film a Nesquik commercial

Posted on July 8, 2013


Immediately after she partied in Las Vegas, Jennette McCurdy ventured to New York to film a Nestle: Nesquik commercial with co-star Ariana Grande. Unfortunately, Jennette McCurdy wasn’t feeling herself and felt disrespected that she wasn’t being cared for when in fact she was very ill with a fever. Below is her twitlonger describing the situation.

Yesterday I had a session of 12 hours, from 6 am. I told everyone that I had a fever, sore throat, headache and nausea. I came to the meeting on time, and was as professional as one would expect it to be. I tried to take the drug, but because of nausea I had nothing in my stomach, so in the middle of a take I had to run off the set and vomiting. I turned on the set and heard someone say, condescendingly, “then how cool is that, huh?” I was shocked. It turns out that each member of the crew said they had “a little chilly”. Nobody, not even the medic, took my temperature. Ariana told everyone how sick I was, but apparently no one listened. Finally, my sweet makeup Patti asked the doctor to take my temperature. BUT I HAD A MEDICAL THERMOMETER. So he went to the store and got one, came back and my temperature was, wait for it … 103! Suddenly, everyone was involved. A doctor came to the set and found out what I have, as he put it, “very serious strep throat” that had been in my body for the day and needed to be treated immediately. I was ashamed to be mocked and made to feel like a diva to express my discomfort. Some of my friends have had similar situations. It is unfair and downright mean that these people treat diseases of his talent so cavalierly. Honestly, if not for a few people who really care about me (Ariana and Patti) will probably be in the hospital now. And that’s really scary thought. If any of you feel bad and people are not treating you with the respect and attention they need, make sure you stick by itself and required to do so. Unfortunately, not everyone Patti Ariana and take care of us. So take care of yourself.

Shortly after filming the commercial, Jennette tweeted during her departure:

Leaving New York! And hopefully leaving the strep behind! Good luck, next occupant of 4407 in the London hotel!

Below are photos from the commercial shoot and video provided by @247papstv:

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