Hanging out with Jennette McCurdy exclusive article from Twist magazine

Posted on July 8, 2013


Twist Magazine got to spend time with Jennette McCurdy before her photoshoot and shared behind the scenes photos from their day in New York City. They also had a Girl Talk session which Jennette describes about adjusting to her body maturing from a young girl to a full figured woman. Below is what Twist wrote about in the article from the latest issue.

When twist met up with Jennette McCurdy in New York City for our recent photo shoot, she couldn’t wait to get started. But first, we chilled in her hotel room as she spilled how she likes to get prepped for a big day like this one. After waking up bright and early, Jennette was full of enthusiasm. “I love New York – especially Times Square!” she told twist. “I love all the culture and the Broadway shows.” After she got ready, we had a ball exploring the city, and she was so excited to vitis tons of sights. When we walked by the 49th Street subway station, she immediately exclaimed, “This is so New York!” and rand down the stairs (in heels!) so she could pose at the entrance. Jennette blended right in – until a couple of fans spotted her and asked for photos! Of course, she was happy to oblige. Aw!

What should she wear?
When Jennette answered the door of her hotel room, she was still in her robe – she couldn’t decide which dress to wear! Twist helped her sift through the options until we found a favorite – the peach one she’s wearing on the opposite page. “I love that one – it’s my favorite that I brought with me.” she told us after picking it out.

Bear hug!
When we spotted an adorable stuffed animal on Jennette’s bed, she picked him up and gave him a big hug. It was Lotso from Toy Story 3! “I can’t sleep without him,” Jennette confessed. She brings him with her everywhere she goes!

Time for breakfast
Jennette called to order breakfast from room service at her hotel, choosing a simple fruit plate and tea. “Fresh fruit is my favorite thing to have in the morning,” she confided to twist as she ate. “I almost always order it from room service when I’m away from home!” She also admitted she’s a big tea drinker as she fixed herself a cup, “I like tea a lot more than coffee,” she told us.

Just journaling
We noticed a journal with Cirque du Soleil on its cover on Jennette’s nightstand, and her eyes lit up when we asked her about it. “That’s my ideas notebook!” she told us. “I write down my inspiration in there. I keep it by my bed so it’s always on hand.” Before we left, she paused to jot down a few thoughts!


When twist sat down with Jennette McCurdy at our NYC photo shoot, we totally bonded when the convo turned to insecurities. “Sure, we all have them, right?” Jennette nodded knowingly. So what was hers? “I didn’t develop until I was 16!” she admits. Jennette may seem confident now, but growing up she was ashamed of her figure. “I didn’t have any breasts, and then suddenly they came in strong. So I was used to one body type and then had to quickly adapt,” she remembers. “Having something where there was nothing for so long was a really interesting change that was hard for me to deal with at first, I wanted to pretend they weren’t there, I wanted to strap them down, I wanted to wear two sports bras so you couldn’t tell that I had boobs.” But as time went by, Jennette learned to come to terms with her new body type. “Talking to my mom and to the right friends, it clicked in my mind,” she reveals to us. “I just thought, we have the body we have, and there’s nothing we can do to change it. So I need to just accept mine, treat it well, appreciate it and not bad on it. As soon as I adopted that mentality, I was a lot more confident and felt better. I even found cuter clothes because I was dressing for my body type, as opposed to anybody else’s!”



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