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Posted on July 1, 2013


Jennette loves to help out her fans. Three new questions were sent in to Popstar and answered by Jennette McCurdy, asking questions such as how to find new friends, dealing with a bully, and how to cope with an older brother who will be moving away.

Dear Jennette,
My family just moved to a new town and even worse, right before I am about to start my freshman year of high school! I don’t know anyone at all and I don’t want it to seem like I’m desperate for friends (even though I kind of am!) What’s the best way to meet new people without making it seem like I’m trying too hard? – Theresa
Hey Theresa,
Instead of seeing this as a challenge, see it as an opportunity! This is a great fresh start for you. Sign up for clubs or extracurricular classes that interest you. Start a new sport or activity. Let friends happen “organically” (I put that word in quotes because it sounds super hipster to me, so I didn’t wanna seem too serious about it. TMI.) If there’s one thing friendships shouldn’t be, it’s forced. Just by being yourself, you’ll attract the kind of people that will naturally be the best fit for friends. Good luck and happy friending! PS – High school is brand new to all freshmen so it’s a great time to make friends!

Dear Jennette
If you know somebody that’s getting bullied, but don’t know how to stop it, how would you deal with it?
Hi there Dawn,
I realize no one likes to seem like a tattletale, but this is one case where you really need to be one. Tell an adult the situation (leave an anonymouse note if you have to.) Always stand up for the victim, and show the bully that they are not able to get to you. A bully is only as powerful as you let them be.

Dear Jennette,
My big brother is going away to college at the end of the summer and I’m really gonna miss him. How can I make sure we stay close even when he’s far away and makes a whole new set of friends? – Linda
Hey Linda,
I have three older brothers and two of them are in college right now. I feel for you! Take advantage of email, texting, and even (if not especially) snail mail. You could be pen pals! Take an interest in his new environment and friends, and be a good friend to him, even with the distance. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, distance makes the heart grow bigger :)

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8 responses

  1. everyone at my school is always talking about me and i dont like it i have been suffering since i was in the first grade can you help me?

  2. i totally belive in your awsome advice!!!!but i do have a couple ??s
    #music monkey<3

  3. Emily Markle says:

    my little nepew Jacob hurts me alot what can I do

  4. Eva Smith says:

    I’ve been liking this boy in my class for ever,and im not sure what to do what if he says no it will ruin our friendship,can you help me-Eva

  5. haley hollenbeck says:

    me and my 3 best friends we get in a lot of fights. but when I try to solve it I always get in trouble by the teacher or the princeabal can you help me

  6. i am dating a boy i will go to brasil tomorrow do i break up with him or stay i month missing him and having a long distance relationship?

  7. Dear jennette
    I need to ask for advice when you have a dream mostly you have to do I had a dream af being an actress on Disney channel and nick. And being a singer even I started to write some songs. The problem is that I am in Canada and I am near by LA what can I do cuz I can’t give up my dream cuz I am only 13 years old.

  8. there is a boy that i like and he asked me out and i said no but now i wish i had said yes.So what do i do.