BetterTV interviews Jennette McCurdy about her music, her 21st birthday, and her new show

Posted on June 23, 2013


While in New York, Jennette McCurdy arrived at BetterTV studios on June 13th, 2013 to talk about her career in music along with her upcoming 21st birthday party plans and her new show, Sam and Cat. Jennette mentions that she was a little hesitant playing Sam again for the double spin-off, but once reading the scripts for the show and saw the different direction they were going with her character, Jennette loved it.

When Jennette was asked what keeps her grounded, she states that her friends and family are a big part of her life and who matters most to her. While she was on the topic of her family, she mentions how her grandmother, Beverly (or “Ma Gra” as Jennette puts in her phone), texts her the most out of anybody. Sometimes the texts would come late at night, often saying how much she loves her granddaughter. She is also self-taught with her iPhone, which Jennette describes how occasionally she would have FaceTime with her, though the angle isn’t centered.

While they were talking about Sam and Cat, Jennette has mentioned that she did try her own babysitting service at age 12 after taking American Heart Association courses and researching how to perform CPR. She sent out fliers around the neighborhood with extra offerings to cook for children, though nobody called. She’s now content being part of a babysitting service on Sam and Cat to fill the void that was missing from her younger years.

There are some exciting plans coming up for Jennette McCurdy’s 21st birthday, which originally was discussed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. She mentions that she is renting a party bus and being such a huge fan of Cirque Du Soleil, she plans to watch many of their shows, including the new Michael Jackson: One.

Jennette reassured that each interest and hobby of hers that is listed on her IMDB page happened during the course of her life. She explains that she would be obsessed with one for a certain amount of time, then move onto the next. However, acting has been her main passion in life. That being said, she still has interest in music with the recent cover songs that she has posted to her Youtube account. She reflects on her previous experience with Capitol Nashville and her decision to leave her label was ultimately picking between acting or singing, which she strongly chose to keep her career as an actress. At the time of the interview, her current interest is writing. She mentions that she has some writing buddies in Australia, one in Nashville, and one in New York. The often engage in Skype sessions to keep in touch and to “be on the same page with ideas”, according to Jennette.

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