Jennette McCurdy shows a tour of her new home

Posted on June 18, 2013


Jennette McCurdy recently bought her first home and showed a tour of some of her favorite parts of the house. She loves the look out through the front door and one of her other favorite rooms is her Tea Room. You can view all the pictures below or in the photo gallery:


22 responses

  1. Very nice house love it

  2. wats up

  3. I love you jennet mccurdy !All of you’re shows are brill!

  4. i love your house

  5. That teady bear is HUGE !
    Nice kitchen !
    Hope you have fun at your house ! :)

  6. Great house
    I love u

  7. Great house
    I love u

  8. hi jenntte mccurday I am a big fan of you and ariana grande . I have a big poster of you and ariana grande on my wall in my room. you are amazing . you are a good acter in icariy and sam and cat. my dream is to meat you in persen. if you got this texs can you pleass texs me back if you can. I love you buy.

  9. Were do you live

  10. Shanah James says:

    Hi jennette McCurdy I’m your biggest fan I love you some much

  11. olivia whigham says:

    Hey jennette mccurdy you and ariana Grande are amazing actors. I really want to meet you guys tht is my dream. I also sing a little myself maybe I’ll post a video and You can look me up by for now I love u :)

  12. Hi jenette I love your shows,icarly and sam and cat you are my 1 fan that I love I’m just like you when you are in your shows.You are my hero and no one can ever doubt that I love you soooooooooooooooo much.

  13. Hey jenette cool house you got there.I am your number 1 fan of your shows and I really want to meet you in persen so I can tell you how much I love you and tell you all about myself and you have a giant teddy there.Also,everyone has been wondering where do you live and what is your phone number and how old are you?!?anyway I love you and I am a BIG fan of yours

  14. Sabrienna anthony says:

    Dear jenntte mccurdy. I hope sam and cat does not end I love that show. Do you love dolls I do I have a buch of them and a dollhouse too. My favrite movies are frozen Ramona and beezus and. Disbcble me two You are my favrite charter on Sam and cat bye love you .

  15. david I love you so much call me my number is 010344779

  16. david call me

  17. get a better house and be friends with arian grande

  18. you are a good actor I hope to meet you in person text me!!!!!!

  19. call me

  20. hi jennette i,m come from germany
    i love sam&cat
    i hope you like me

  21. Shania Calhoun says:

    I love u so much I am a big fan of yours you are so funny on ICARLY I have one question did u really kiss Freddy on the lips that was so romantic I not saying that u should not have kissed him and BTW love your house and big teddy bear and I like to call my little niece tea room beacause she loves tea so much and right now I am at my dads house in Alambama so I am going to text be able to text u for 6 more days BTW I have a fathead of u in my room I love u so much put your phone number on here so I can text you or call you or email u when I get my tablet fixed u are a great actor on sam and cat and icarly . December 23 Merry CHRISTMAS