New photos of Jennette McCurdy’s Regard Magazine photoshoot released

Posted on June 12, 2013


The new issue of Regard Magazine has just arrived and features many amazing photos of Jennette McCurdy. Also include is an interview with Jennette about her upcoming projects, favorite designer attire and talks about how close she is with her fans.

You played Sam on iCarly for five years basically growing up in the eyes of your fans. What has that experience been like for you?
My fans have been loyal and supportive for so long. They’ve grown with me. It’s been awesome to have such excited, present fans.

What attracted you to Sam and what is it like taking her into a new show, Sam & Cat?
I love Sam’s confidence and sense of humor, and the fact that she’s a strong, independent girl. She’s cool and a little rough around the edges. The biggest difference for Sam between iCarly and Sam & Cat is the characters she’s interacting with. On Sam & Cat, a lot of the characters are broader, so Sam is more even-keel and relatable.

Tell us about Sam & Cat, how will it be different than iCarly even though the characters remain?
Sam & Cat is like Laverne and Shirley for a younger crowd. It’s two polar opposite girls who are crazy in their own ways. Put them together and you have a really funny, dynamic buddy comedy.

Outside of acting, we heard you want to finish film school. Is that still a dream of yours?
I’d love to go to film school perhaps, or maybe study something completely outside of entertainment. College is still something that interests me, but right now working on the show, it’s not an option.

You are super active in your every day life. What are some of your favorite activities to do when you are not working?
I go to circus school sometimes, which is a really unique, fun way to get exercise! That’s what works best for me, doing an activity that is exciting and never monotonous. Sometimes I’ll go on hikes around LA, or go to cyclelates classes (mixture of cycling and Pilates). I like to change it up.

You have a strong fan base and a huge online following. How important is it to you to connect with your fans via social media?
So important. I have a love-hate relationship with social media in general, because it can get addicting. As long as I monitor myself, I feel good about it. Staying in touch with my fans is both rewarding and informative. They support me so I want to support them and give them content and entertainment in the ways that they will be most receptive to. Staying connected allows me to do that. Not to mention, my fans are hilarious and always puts me in a good mood.

For red carpet events, what are your favorite go-to designers? What would we find in your personal closet for everyday wear?
Miu Miu or Jimmy Choo for shoes! Alice + Olivia, Rebecca Taylor, BCBG. I love taking dresses that I like the basic structure of and getting them tailored into something different. I saw a beautiful royal blue dress, got the cap sleeves cut off, and wore that to the 2013 KCA’s. I got a super cute purple and blue striped Kate Spade dress shortened 6 inches so it looks like a cute, full, minidress. As for my closet, I love Vince and James Perse for tops – the cuts and textures are amazing. I adore Frankie B for pants – the butt pockets are always in the perfect place, that’s the secret to perfect jeans! I also like James Jeans, Wildfox for comfort, Marc Jacobs wedge sneakers, All Saints boots.

We are excited to see the new show Sam & Cat. What other projects do you have coming up?
I’m in a new Nick movie called Swindle, an animated film called Almost Heroes, and I’m partnering with Birdseye for a campaign urging kids to eat healthier.

Check out the entire collection in the gallery or view below including behind the scenes photos:


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  1. Ricardo aburto ayala says:

    Exelantes fotografias me encantan muy tiernas y sexys Jennette me gusta mucho desde que vi a una pequeña niña en cierta pelicula a ahora que es una gran artista desde siempre la sigo . <

  2. i really have never seen such natural beauty before jennette. i wish i could an album of hers. iwould also love to have a personal picture picture or something from her

  3. Richard King says:

    Jennette is one of the most basic beauties I’ve seen in 67 years. Makes me hate getting old.