Jennette McCurdy’s brand new site officially launches

Posted on June 6, 2013


Jennette McCurdy announced exciting news on June 6th, 2013 via Twitter with the following:

Super cool treat for you guys…. a BRAND NEW just launched! YAY!!! RT :)

Now current and new fans can access Jennette’s biography, receive instant news, browse her regularly updated gallery, connect with fans, and visit her social networks all from one location! Also included is the introduction of her store that will be reopening soon! More details to follow when the store is officially open.

Visit Jennette McCurdy’s official site

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15 responses

  1. i love the show sam & cat
    it is AWESOME!!!!!!

  2. I love you and like I watch Sam and cat all the time so I was wondering can we be friends

  3. lindsey fuentes says:

    ur hilarious but i more prefurred the duo of sam and cat over icarly

  4. I love watching Sam and Cat I’m watching it while I’m texting.

  5. Courtz_Mac03 says:

    I love sam and cat but I love icarly more seddie lol I think your a great actor Jenette you all ways make me laugh thx for that love your shows

  6. Courtz_Mac03 says:

    By the way I meant the last comment I did like this but I love iCarly more,SEDDIE LoL and you read the rest :)

  7. Zak woodcock says:

    I love I Carly it rock’s my fave it singe is katy parry

  8. I love Sam she rock

  9. Kiana and zak says:

    Hhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiii wot you dowing

  10. Alex 10 years old says:

    Best website ever

  11. U r the best viner on YouTube!!!!!!!!

  12. MR. Cool Dude says:

    Love your vines

  13. MR. Cool Dude says:

    U got dat swag jenett! Proud of u.

    Describe jenett in 1 word:

    Describe Ariana in 1 word:

  14. Sexy bitch says:

    You got dat swag factor!!