Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande host a live chat for Sam and Cat

Posted on June 6, 2013


In preparation of the Sam and Cat premiere on June 8th, 2013, Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande hosted an hour long live chat with fans answering some questions sent in by fans. Also during the stream, both #samandcatjune8 and “Jennette” were worldwide trends on Twitter. Although the live chat didn’t go exactly as planned. When they reminisced about Jennette accidentally gave out Ariana’s phone number, Ariana herself provided her new number which resulted in fans texting and calling her during the live stream. Below is the two part stream:

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45 responses

  1. Henrique Adriano says:

    I love jennette

  2. Hi my name is April and I am your biggest fan and I love all of your hair.

  3. I love sam and cat !!!!!!!❤

  4. i love you ariana, <3

  5. Hay u guys I love your show so much and p.s cat i love your red hair I also have red hair please comment me back please p.s my cousin also has red hair and she loves your show bye


  7. Hey ariana grande and jennette I love yor show Sam and Cat I watch it everysigle day I have red hair only on the tips though I love ya guys so much

  8. ariana wats up :p im 11 and me and my cousin kennith who is 5 LOVE the show sam and i love yall bye :)))

  9. Hi Ariana I love and I wish u could visit me in Wisconsin

  10. Please come and visit me in Wisconsin deforest

  11. Omg I love Sam and cat! And guess what Ariana! I love Harry potter to! I’ve seen all the movies and read all the books! I also love America’s next top model!

  12. I love your hair Jeannette because your hair is blonde like mine!!!!!

  13. Btw my name is Chloe, sorry I didn’t mention that

  14. I love Cat and Sam!!!!I am from Greece i am 10 years old!!!!!!!

  15. hey wryd

  16. DJ I got banned whats your #

  17. Ariana love u

  18. taniyah mayes says:

    i love u sam&cat i like your video cat is so funny so as sam. cat afrad of sam

  19. hi ariana

  20. i love ariana says:

    i love you ARIANA but you do not know i am a alive

  21. Hisamcatcorbinlovesyourshow

  22. What’s your number ariana grande


  24. i love your show

  25. i love jennette9000 says:

    love it but what’s her phone number

  26. i love jennette9000 says:

    pretty please phone numer

  27. oliviagx1x says:

    hi im olivia just ewanted to know if ypu would help me get auditions because im shy but i love your shows and always want be be on them and you shoot them in america and i live in england so it will nevetr happen i just want to be like you 2 luv us xxxxx

  28. i love the part when you gies made blue dog

  29. i love the part when you gies made blue dog at the blooper show

  30. shalon haro ❤❤✋✋ says:

    Ohh my gosh like ariana can’t give you her phone number like she famous and famous people can’t just give away there Phoenix number like wtf ✋❤

  31. shalon haro ❤❤✋✋ says:


  32. Ariana & jennette is cool & jennette was on icarly & ariana was on victorious but hmm I am both of their bigest fans I am a fan of sam & cat I am a fan of ariana grande & jennette mccurdys songs like arianas oh baby song I love you ariana & jennette

  33. Jennette I wish you can visit me in texas

  34. Howdy ariana I want you to visit me in texas too!

  35. Killer ant nicky says:

    Hello jennette I am casmars brother & I also am a big fan of you ariana & jennette well we were wondering do you like us because we like you

  36. I like you piolot show were you first met cat

  37. I used to be a big hater of you but then I thought Ariana wont like me if I hate her then I just started liking her I akways liked you jennette I just did’nt like ariana

  38. That is it for one night I will talk more in the morning

  39. Um I just wanted to remind you um I typed where wrong It was where not were. Ok now byebye I will see you tomarrow

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