Jennette McCurdy provides advice in Twist Magazine

Posted on June 3, 2013


Jennette McCurdy has her very own advice article in the latest Twist magazine answering questions about love, bullying, and acting. The following are the questions she answered from fans:

Q: My friend asked my crush who he liked and he told her he’s into another girl. What do I do now?
– Lexi, 11
A: Try to forget him. Don’t try to get another crush right away because chances are you’ll keep thinking about this one. Hang with your friends, do whatever you love to do, and soon you’ll find yourself crushing on somebody who feels the same way!

Q: Everyone calls me ugly. What do I do to make them stop?
– Meredith, 10
A: You’re dealing with straight-up bullying. Be strong. Make a little list of all the things you love about yourself and keep it with you!

Q: I think I might be falling in love. How do I know for sure?
-Caitlyn, 14
A: They say, “You know when you know”, and that couldn’t be more true. I’ve had lots of crushes in my day, but I’ve only been in love once! It’s a really special feeling. Time will tell if what you’re feeling is a crush or truly being in love.

Q: I miss talking to my dad, but I don’t want to talk to him about boys. What should I do?
-Cara, 13
A: If there’s a sport or a board game your dad likes, challenge him to play that, or ask him if he’d like to go to lunch at his favorite restaurant. Take an interest in him and what he likes! It’s easier if you put all the focus on him, so you won’t have to worry about talking about boys.

Q: My friends hate my boyfriend. How can I make everyone happy?
– Stephanie, 14
A: Show your BFFs how much they mean to you. Make time to hang out one-on-one with them, and remember the one thing they all have in common is that they love you. Anyone who loves you will accept and respect your decisions even if they disagree. Remember to do the same for them down the line.

Q: This bully calls me a baby for walking away. What do I do?
– Emma, 9
A: You’re doing the right thing by walking away when this bully tries to start trouble. Be strong, firm and convicted around her. The thing about bullies is that they are actually the biggest babies of all. Inform a teacher or a parent that she is bothering you, so that they can keep an eye on her. Then try to stay away as best as you can!

Q: I’m in a play, but I didn’t get a big part. Does that mean I’ll never become famous?
– Abigail, 11
A: No way! Small parts lead to bigger parts, always! Keep working hard. Memorize your lines and be professional during rehearsals and shows. Make sure you also practice at home until you completely understand all the material (the scripts and the lines). Then continue to audition for parts in any upcoming plays. Good luck!



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