Star Chat with Jennette McCurdy

Posted on May 30, 2013


The following video provided by Nicelodeon features Jennette McCurdy hanging out with Zach Sang and answering a few questions and even turned the tables by interviewing Zach and showing the proper fist bump.

Zach: Have you ever been camping?
Jennette: I’ve never been camping! Have we talked about this? I’ve wanted to go camping for so long! I think it seems so fun being in a tent, being kind of grungy, soaking in your own disgustingness and then like cooking smores by the campfire, telling stories, shooting the breeze.. just making the smores is what I’m all about.

Jennette: Describe your mood in three words!
Zach: Little nervous, excited, happy.
Jennette: Nervous, excited, happy, but then there was “little” so 3.5… I’m gonna go with salty.. I’m going to go.. crooked. I’m going to go.. scholarly.

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  1. leo paul simon says:

    I want to see you in the new star wars movies so bad.since you are a jedi in training,you could easily play one of solos and leias children or grandchildren.please,please.your older mature fans would love to see you streach your acting abiltys.supposed to start filming in London in 2014……

  2. Hi jennette how are u?



  5. hey Jennette have you ever heard of the group bon jovi?

  6. Jennette you are my biggest role model, I love you

  7. My disabled son loves jannette he enjoys watching her on all the shows shes ever been on because of her spunky attituded and her beautiful blonde hair he likes blonde haired girls he can’t take his eyes off her it gives me a peacefull break when she is on TV because he is busy watching jannette and I can relaxe for a little while. Thank you Jannette for makeing my Michael Happy & being such a great person & now your even on commercials thats great!

  8. I want to be movie star iam fun and I can make cartoons vices too