A day in the life of Jennette McCurdy

Posted on May 30, 2013


J14 Magazine recently posted the following 2 page article showing a brief overview of the average busy day for Jennette McCurdy during the filming of her new show, Sam and Cat.

5:55AM Up and at ’em
“I wake up around 5:55 (I always sleep with a teddy bear or two!). I shower and brush my teeth while blasting songs from my iPhone,” Jennette says of her morning routines.

6:15AM Getting pretty
“Once I’m on set, first up is hair and makeup, I chat with the stylists for the first half and run lines during the second half! I’m usually laughing with costars Camera Ocasio and Zoran Korach. It’s so fun getting to work with them every day.” – Jennette

9:00AM Costar love
Jennette always has a blast with her castmates, whether it’s between takes or at red carpet events with Ariana Grande. “She smells sweeter than honey ice cream”, Jennette tells J-14 about her friend.

1:30PM Chowing down
“We get a five minute break every couple of scenes, so I head to my dressing room for a snack. My current favorites are clementines, almonds, and Coke Zero!” – Jennette

8:00PM She’s a shoe off!
“Shoot days are super long so by the end I start getting a little loopy, which results in me taking random pictures of my feet.”

10:30PM Boyfriend time
“After we wrap, I usually head home or if I’m feeling up for going out, I’ll see a movie or grab frozen yogurt with my BF Paul!”

12:00AM Nighty night
“I head to bed around midnight and dream about super exciting things like candy stores and afternoon tea” – Jennette



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