New Ask Jennette article from the lastest issue of Popstar Magazine

Posted on May 28, 2013


The latest issue of PopStar Magazine features Jennette McCurdy’s “Ask Jennette” column, which includes new photos from her photoshoot with Ariana Grande. The following is what she answered from fans that sent in their questions to Popstar Magazine:

Dear Jennette,
My mom’s best friend has a daughter my same age, but she’s not a nice person and really bossy. It stinks because my mom always makes me go with her and hang out. How do I deal with this? -Ashley

Hey Ashley,
Just because it’s your mom’s best friend’s daughter, that doesn’t mean she has to be your best friend, too. I’m sure there will be times when you guys will have to hang out together because our moms are together…in most cases, make the most of it! Try to see the good in her and do things that you both enjoy doing. Maybe you can find some common ground that way. If there’s an instance where you don’t “have” to hang out with this broad, spend time around the friends you are crazy about! Best of luck.
– Jennette

Dear Jennette,
All of my friends are going away for the summer to camps and on different vacations. There’s nothing to do in my town. How do I not get bored to death and make my summer fun? – Jai

Hi Jai,
Boredom is THE WORST! No one likes it! Having said that, having fun is not just reserved for camps, vacations, and being on the go. There is plenty of fun to be had at home base. Go see movies, get yogurt, jump in a pool, go to the library, visit museums, get involved in community service, take up a new hobby, or learn a language! Ok, the last one was a little ambitious. My personal favorites growing up were snow cone and bake sales, trampolining, pogosticking, writing a neighborhood newsletter, playing basketball, and going to nearby parks. Have fun! I hope this wasn’t boring… ;)
– Jennette

Dear Jennette,
I’m kind of one of the guys, which is cool because the boys are gossipy like most of the girls in my school. The only thing is that now I have a crush on one of them! How can I get them to see me as a possible crush instead of just a cool friend? – Dianna

Hi Dianna,
I know totally where you’re coming from. I grew up with three brothers and have lots of guy friends myself. As for your crush, you’re in luck! Feelings can develop at any time…there’s no rule to them. That’s why they’re feelings! Keep talking to this boy. Don’t try too hard. Be sweet, friendly, just totally yourself. If something “more” than friendship is meant to come from it, it will.
– Jennette


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  1. Dear Jennette , all of my friends are going to get wet in water parks but I cant get wet because I have a cast on what should do to not get boerd thank u if you reply c: