Jennette McCurdy hosts a quick Q&A during her break

Posted on May 20, 2013


Jennette McCurdy hosted a quick Q&A with fans during her new photoshoot with BirdsEye. She tweeted the following to start it off:

I’m in hair and makeup for my @Birdseye shoot. How about a little q and a? I’ll answer 25 questions :) #askjennette

Although she mentioned she’d answer 25, but once she saw that #askjennette was the top worldwide trending topic, she answered 10 more questions from her fans. The following are questions that Jennette answered including one from Dan Schneider.

Q: will you ever come to the UK?
A: 1. I hope to! I’ve been to London for a layover once and I really enjoyed it

Q: Favorite place to vacation?
A: 2. Typically I love New York but lately I’ve been obsessed with getting to some place tropical

Q: middle name?
A: 3. Michelle and Faye

Q: who is your bestie
A: 4. @MirandaCosgrove and @allisonsh

Q: what’s your favourite food?
A: 5. Apples, sushi, pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches !

Q: Does this count as a question?
A: 6. Yes

A: 7. Vanilla!

Q: Best part about filming Sam & Cat?
A: 8. The funny scripts and great people on set

Q: Sing o Act?
A: 9. No comparison – act!

Q: Favorite ice cream flavor?
A: 10. Cookies and cream

Q: What’s your favourite music?
A: 11. I love 40s music, soundtracks, classical, and pop

Q: What does a bird’s eye taste like?
A: 12. You’d be surprised

Q: what’s your favorite song by @ArianaGrande ?
A: 13. Honeymoon avenue and daydreaming.

Q: After sam and Cat you want do what? movies?
A: 14. I love the pace of television, so I’d love to work in network tv!

Q: Describe your fans in 3 words
A: 15. Original, supportive, fabulous

Q: whats your favorite dessert?
A: 16. Ice cream!!

Q: do you like your hair straight or curly?
A: 17. I prefer to wear it straight, but maybe that’s because it’s naturally curly so I’m used it that way

A: 18. Close call, but pancakes!

Q: what do you think about ariana grande?
A: 19. She is extremely bright, driven, and talented. She’s observant and very aware. I respect her so much.

Q: what was it like having Nathan on Sam and Cat?
A: 20. He stopped by for a run thru! It was so good to see him. Love that boy

Q: How can you handle with nerves when you are on set?
A: 21. I don’t get nervous for shooting really, but I always get nervous right before run thrus. I just study lines and breath deep lol

Q: could send a greeting to your McCurdians Colombians? we love you.
A: 22. Hiii Colombian mccurdians! I love you guys!

Q: your opinion on the Janoskians?
A: 23. They’re hilarious and the ones that I’ve met are total sweethearts!!

Q: would you ever do a provocative role for a movie or TV show in the future?
A: 24. Maybe ;)

Q: have you been to Disney world???? If not I will personally be your tour guide
A: 25. I have not! Can we make that happen?

Q: how does it feel working with the crew of sam and car?
A: 26. Great! I love the people on set. We have prank wars and good talks and lots of laughs. Nothing better

Q: Favorite movie???
A: 27. Back to the future and Star Wars. I just saw the new Star Trek and fell in love with it!!

A: 28. Done!

Q: ihop or dennys?
A: 29. Tough call, but ima have to say Denny’s.

Q: do you have tumblr?
A: 30. I used to – Poshmob! I would post outfit pics. Haven’t done that in awhile. Now I post to

Q: if you could be a superhero for a day who would you be?
A: 31. Batman or Spider-Man

Q: what color of hair would you get if you could change it?
A: 32. Lavender!

Q: What is your fav pizza
A: 33. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of cheese less pizza – it’s surprisingly yummy!

Q: why are you so swagful
A: 34. Lol thank you!

Q: why are you so cute lately?
A: 35. What was I before lately?! Lol. But thanks!


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